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Classic Mini Cooper Alternator, Dynamo & Fittings

MINI Catalog Page 10-7
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Part No



GEU205 1
New 34A Alternator
GEU207 1
Classic Mini Alternator New 45 Amp
These can be used as a direct replacement for all Mini models after 1985 but can be used on earlier models as well.
UCB100 1
Regulator not GXE2257
BAU2288A 1
Rectifier not GXE2257
No Longer Available
UCB110 1
Brush set not GXE2257
Not Shown, No Longer Available
GGB512 1
Brush set for GXE2257
Not Shown, No Longer Available
17D11 1
Generator fan
C37222A 1
Fan for 12G1054 when alternator
No Longer Available
AAU3956A 1
Alternator fan
16/17 ACR
12G1054 1
Pulley 2.950" wide, fits 15mm shafts
BAU1461 1
Pulley 2.500
No Longer Available
12G2627 1
Adjustment bracket link
12G1053 1
Pre A-Plus fitting bracket
CAM4853 1
A-Plus fitting bracket
12G289 1
Pillar for adjustment bracket
Use 2A128
10  GXE2297 1
70amp A127/45 Alternator, was GEU2276
1985 on
10  GXE2862 1
Classic Mini Alternator 1996 And Later
stock on all twin point Mini Coopers (from October 1996 on)
10  GXE1002RACE 1
Alternator High Performance Single Wire Lightweight
Single Wire, 50 amp, lighweight alternator built for racing applications.
11  AUU1097 1
No Longer Available
12  ADU7778 1
No Longer Available
13  BAU5265 1
No Longer Available
14  BAU5813 1
No Longer Available
15  BAU4924 1
No Longer Available
16  GEU250 1
Fitting plug for wires to 16/17 ACR alternator
17  GEU1101 1
Generator, new, less pulley and fan
17  GEU1101MS 1
Generator, rebuilt
18  GGB102 1
Brush set
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