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Classic Mini Cooper Starters & Solenoids

MINI Catalog Page 10-9
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Part No



GXE4527 1
Pre engaged starter
1984 on
C-GXE4527 1
High Torque Gear Reduction Starter Motor Verto Type
NAF10004 1
Solenoid, pre engaged
BAU5446 1
Brush kit, pre engaged
No Longer Available
BAU5849 1
Kit - brush box assembly, pre engaged
No Longer Available
GEU9404 1
Starter, rebuilt, domestic
Use LRS102
Starter, rebuilt, Lucas
C-GEU9404 1
High Torque direct alternative to GEU9404
TAB117/BS5 1
Brush kit 35J type
Use TAB128
TAB128 1
Brush kit 35G type
TLB111 1
Pinion assembly 9 teeth
13H5952 1
Starter solenoid
S7051 1
Starter solenoid, push-button
10  17H5260 1
Floor switch starter solenoid
11  5L245 1
Switch knob Dust Cover
12  YWB10032 1
Starter relay for pre engaged starter
1985 on (Not Shown)
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