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Classic Mini Cooper Grilles MK2 1967 ON

MINI Catalog Page 12-33
Records - of


Part No



ALA8304 1
Morris MK2 grille, bright
No Longer Available
JRC7059 1
Grille, Nimbus Grey
No Longer Available
PAM1879 1
Grille, black
No Longer Available
CZH4015 1
Grille, Black
Use CZH4015MS
ALA6654MS 1
Grille, Chrome bright, 1969 on
8B12502 1
Grille, stainless steel with headlamp holes
8B12503 1
Grille, s/steel with h/lamp holes, no bonnet catch hole
ALA6668 1
Cooper grille, bright 8 slats
8B12504 1
Grille, stainless steel heavy duty 8 wide slats
8B12505 1
Grille, s/steel heavy duty with internal bonnet release
1993 Onward
RL020 1 pair
Spotlights for grille
ALA6508 1
Grille surround R/H
ALA6509 1
Grille surround L/H
ALA6559 1
Grille surround top moulding on bonnet
24A2708 1
Moulding to bonnet finishing strip 29" long
10  37H8108 A/R
Seating for ALA6508, 12" Long
11  AB606021 5
Number 6 screw for bonnet moulding
12  AB608031 A/R
Number 8 screw for grille surround
13  CDU1266 4
Number 8 screw for grille when black 6.55mm long
13  GFK2258 A/R
Number 8 screw for bright grille 1/2" Long
14  JRC7084 1
Austin badge
No Longer Available
15  JPC9935 1
Mini badge
No Longer Available
16  KPC1832 1
Jet black badge
No Longer Available
17  KPC1837 1
Red hot badge
No Longer Available
18  DAH10003 1
MINI badge
No Longer Available
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