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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Grilles - MK1 & Clubman

MINI Catalog Page 12-31
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Part No



8B12506 1
Morris MK1 Cooper grille with auxiliary lamp holes
24A2158 1
Morris MK1 Cooper and ‘S’ grille
24A198 1
Austin MK1 Cooper and ‘S’ grille
14A7299 1
Austin MK1 grille wavy
14A7781 1
Grille surround (moustache moulding MK1
14A7782 1
Grille surround end finisher R/H "whisker"
14A7783 1
Grille surround end finisher L/H "whisker"
ADA3583 A/R
Stainless steel clip for end finisher
DMP819 A/R
Rivet for clip
Use RA608076
10  GHF421 10 A/R
Screw for grille alternative to AC606041
11  GHF1531 A/R
Plastic fixing clip on original cars
12  CZH4372 1
Clubman grille, replaces CZH672
No Longer Available
12  CZH1200 1
Clubman grille, originally GT
No Longer Available
13  CZH3552 1
Surround for Clubman grille R/H
No Longer Available
13  CZH3553 1
Surround for Clubman grille L/H
No Longer Available
14  GHF1021 7
Plastic nut for grille an surround
Use GFK3428
15  CZH614 3
Grommet for grille
No Longer Available
16  CZH1220 1
Gt red badge, Clubman GT
17  CZH651 1
Grille badge, Clubman pre 1976
No Longer Available
18  CZH4145 1
Grille badge, Clubman post 1976
No Longer Available
19  CZH652 4
Clip for grille badges 17/18
No Longer Available
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