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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper

MINI Catalog Page 13-25
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Stainless steel bayonet fitting wiper blades.
Stainless steel bayonet type wiper arm that park on the right hand side, as per all mkI/II to 1970. Also fits left hand drive mkIII mini’s 1970 on.
Stainless steel bayonet type wiper arm that park on the left hand side, as per all mkIII from 1970 on. LHD mkI/II mini’s to 1970.
Eight sided chrome nut that fit the wiper arm slide on to. This is for the 32 tooth wheel box fitted from 1970. supplied individually.
Six sided chrome nut, fits wiper wheel box, that the wiper arm slides on to. This is for the 22 tooth wheel fitted to mkI/II minis.
Chrome plated plastic wheel box plinths to replace those dowdy black ones. Comes with a sealing washer to compliment the wiper arms and blades. Two types are available, complete with nuts. Sold in pairs. (a)Plynth and the six sided nut fitted to mkI/II-37H6042C. (b) Plynth and the eight sided nut as fitted to mkIII from 1970 on.
Mechanical push button windscreen washer pump as used on Mini’s and MG/Sprites.
Chrome twin washer jet with nut fixings.
(a)Black plastic jet with two holes for maximum cleaning. 1- nut fixing ideal for mkI/II- MS389. Push fit as used from 1970 on.-GWW812. (b) Single hole 1- Round locating hole, push fit 1980- GWW804, 2- D shaped locating hole , push fit 1980 on- GWW1080.
10  GWW810  
Chrome jet with nut fixing.
11  8B12396  
Stainless steel wiper arm hole plug. Theif proof, correct dome shapel.
12  NB4  
Original wood and picket black nylon coated rear nudge bar.
13  NB3  
Original wood and picket black nylon coated front nudge bar.
14  NB2  
Original wood and picket stainless steel rear nudge bar.
15  NB1  
Original wood and picket stainless steel front nudge bar.
16  14A7270  
Stainless steel polka dot pattern kick plates.
17  EBN100010  
Set of doorstep sill guards in black plastic with satinless steel insert depicting ‘Mini’.
18  EBN100040  
Set of doorstep sill guards as per 17 but with latest winged motif.
19  14A7271  
Set of stainless steel plain sill guards. (a) stainless steel etched mini cooper text and chequered pattern. (b) 14A7273 stainless steel etched mini text and chequered pattern.
20  Seams  
Front pair of seams- 8B12400. Rear pair of seams- 8B12401. In plain metal, front-BMP127MS, rear r/h-BMP124MS, rear l/h-BMP125MS.
21  plastic trim  
Roll of specially shaped trim for one roof chrome- MT632, black- MT633.
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