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Classic Mini Cooper Gauges

MINI Catalog Page 13-29
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3.76 finla drive -ADU2345.
Speedo 90mph with 3.4 final drive, 140kph with 3.4 final drive- ADU2343, 90mph, with
Speedo 130 mph with 3.4 final drive.
Speedo 200kph with 3.4 final drive.
Original black Cooper ‘S’ speedo housing. (a) oval beading-14A9907, Temp guage, in black-13H4460, magnolia -13H4460MG.
0-80x100 80mm wide electronic impulse tachometer with chrome bezel and full wiring diagrams, magnolia S1B 120MG.
0-1000x100 80mm distributor/coil sensed tachometer, magnolia-S1B122MG.
POD for 80mm tachometer black, in chrome-SIB801.
Voltmeter/Ammeter in nlack, in magnolia-S1B220MG, (a) Ammeter with 60-60 scale-S1B320, in magnolia-S1B320MG.
Oil pressure guage 0-100lb/in” with connecting pipe for mechanical fittings, for magnolia-S1B521MG
10  SIB110  
Electronic clock, in magnolia-S1B110MG
11  SIB420  
Oil temperature guage mechanical fitting, in magnolia S1B420MG.
12  SIB422  
Water temp 30-110 degrees centigrade with 6’6” capillary mechanical fittings. In magnolia-S1B422MG.
13  SIB130  
Dual oil pressure/water temp guage with all fittings, in magnolia-S1B130MG
14  TIM004  
Ammeter guage with 60-60 amps grading for use with alternator only. 6 or 12 volt neg or positive.
15  TIM005  
Water temp guage with 40-120 degre centigrade calibration. with 57” capilary metal tube.
16  TIM006  
Oil pressure guage 0-100 lbs calibration, copper pipeline and T piece fitting.
17  TIM007  
Battery voltometer guage, warns you of electrical or charging defects. low battery condition.
18  TIM008  
Vacuum performance guage, mechanical movements and colored segments indicating performance with 0-30 ins/hg scale.
19  TIM011  
Tachometer with 0-80 RMPx100 scale 80mm (3&1/8”) diameter pod mounted for fitting under dash. Easy to fit suitable for 4, 6, 8 cylinder with negative earth for petrol engines only.
20  TIM014  
Tachometer 0-8 RMPx1000 scale. 52mm diameter. Easy to fit suitable for 4, 6, 8 cylinder with negative earth for petrol engines only.
21  TIM023  
Chrome bezel to fit all 52mm guages only.
22  TIM034  
Electrically operated temp guages with 0-12 centigrade scale, for neg earth only.
23  TIM039  
A dash mounting pod to hold any 52mm guage.
24  TIM002  
Time clock with second hand. Quartz mechanism, negative earth only.
25  LMA017  
Adaptor for oil guage if a plastic guage hose i preferred to original metal type.
26  Stewart Warner  
a. water temp 40-110 centigrade-SWG505, b. oil pressure 0-100lbs scale- SWG506, c. oil temp 40-150 centigrade-SWG509, d. Tachometer 0-100x100 80 mm-SWG511, e. Tachometer 0-100x100 stainless steel 80 mm-SWG511ST, f. turbo boost plus/minus 30 psi- SWG527.
27  C-STR1058  
80mm mechanical tachometer kit. Driven directly from the end of the camshaft. The most accurate way of counting rpm. Does not get interferred from other signals. 0-10,000 rpm. comes with tacometer, 48” drive cable, mounting boss, special Oldham coupling, cam nut, and relevent screws.
28  OL  
Five foot plastic oil pipe.
29  OAA  
Angled oil pipe adaptor for fitting in confined spaces to eradicate damaging oil pipe.
30  OA  
Oil guage adaptor for fitting into block or T piece.
31  TP  
T piece for fitting to block enabling oil gauge and switch to be used tgether.
32  HPSI  
Oil pressure switch that triggers off when oil press. drops below 22lbs. oil pressure ajustable switch that activates between 15-60lb as required-HPS3. Standard replacement oil switch that activates at about 7-10lbs-GPS133.
33  DP1  
Magnetic sump plug with extension to collect all magnetic debris in the gearbox.
34  TE5  
Temperature guage adapter for fitting cylinder head or thermostat housing with take off. Already supplied with TIM guages, but useful for SMITHS and other makes.
35  TIM021  
Chrome 52 with single hole. Chrome with two holes-TIM022.
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