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Classic Mini Cooper Dashes

MINI Catalog Page 13-31
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Dash for right hand drive cars, 3 piece. LHD-C-AJJ3331
Navigators door switch panel rhd. LHD-C-AJJ3333. charcoal grey dash lhd-DASH012.
4 bank fuse holder mounted under dash- C-JJ3334, 2 bank under dash-C-AJJ3335, 3 bank under dash-C-AJJ3336.
Wooden dashes are available in Burr walnut or charcoal grey with 2 or 3 clock holes and rhd or lhd. The 3 clock versions are also available with 3 extra guage holes above the radio blanking cover. 2 block Burr dash rhd-DASH003, 2 block burr dash lhd-DASH004, 2 clock charcoal grey dark dash rhd-DASH005, 3+3 extra clock burr walnut dash rhd-DASH006, 3 clock burr walnut dash lhd-DASH007, 3+3 extra clock burr walnut dash lhd-DASH008, 3 clock charcoal grey dash rhd-DASH009, 3+3 extra clock charcoal grey dash rhd-DASH010, 3 clock charcoal grey dash lhd-DASH011, 3+3 extra clock
Door and rear side window cappings in Burr walnut. Sold as a set of four only, for grey MSA0200.
Door pull handles in burr walnut finish, sold as pairs, for grey-MSA0201.
Door opening handles in burr walnut, sold as a set of two, for grey-MSA0202.
Door window winder handle in burr walnut, as a pair, in grey-MSA0203.
Handbrake grip in burr walnut, in grey-MSA0204.
10  MSA0196  
Gearlever knob in burr walnut, in grey-MSA0205.
11  YSP024  
Wooden 4 rockers switch and heater and choke surround in burr walnut, in grey-YSP024GREY, rocker in burr walnut-YSP025, in grey-YSP025GREY.
12  YSP026  
For fuel injected models 5 switches surround in burr walnut, in grey-YSP026GREY, 4 switches in burr walnut-YSP027.
Plastic dash made for vehicles without air vents, has hole for toggle type switches .
14  DASH001  
Dash with central speedo hole and 2 guages per original Coopers made to only fit with wide top dash pads as fitted to all late cars, burr dash. In charcoal grey-DASH002
15  DASH015  
Stainless steel dash. Made as per original wooden dash. Dark wooden charcoal grey around guages, only available in rhd. 2 clock-DASH015, 3 clock-DASH018, 3+3 extra clock-DASH018.
16  MSA0180  
Door and rear side window cappings in charcoal finish with stainless steel inserts, sold as four.
17  MSA0210  
Set of two chrome air vent covers. These will enhance any dash board and can be used on either dash
18  21A1204  
Original early locking choke cable- when twin carbs.
19  21A1202  
Original early mini choke cable.
20  14A9988  
Original early heater control cable.
21  CHM373  
Original rubber/ plastic knob heater control cable 1968-1988, (a) rubber/ plastic knob heater control cable from 1998 when plastic heater valve isfitted-JFF 10003
22  21A 2329  
Rubber/plastic twist to lock choke cable.Rubber/plastic ratchet type locking choke cable-SBF 10027. As above but 31” long for 1300cc onwards- C-AHT 85.
23  C-AHT 85  
Special accelerator cable-anti friction, nylon inner sleeve, longer for webers and modified cars.
24  BAU1924  
Complete kit the lever mechanism moving on a plastic base will eradicate any of the following problems: Broken on/off switch, control knob missing, looks tatty and rattles, hard to operate.
25  DASH0100  
Colored dial kits, available in silver,blue,yellow,green,white,magnolia,and red.
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