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Classic Mini Cooper Tools - Chapter 13 Pages 46-47

MINI Catalog Page 13-47
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A universal scissor type ball joint splitter for swivel pins, upper and lower arm ball joints plus track rod ends. The professionals tool.
Suspension rubber cone compressor with two threaded pins, an AF threaded pin for suspension cones made before 1974 and a metric threaded pin for suspension cones after 1976. Take care on early models, where the suspension cone might already have been changed to metric, as it is easy to cross-thread the tool. Only the later metric type cone is available from Rover as a spare part.
1.5", 1/2" drive deep socket is specially made for changing swivel pin joints in the Mini and will also fit the flywheel bolt.
1.5/16", 1/2" drive AF socket for use on the crankshaft bolt and camshaft nut when changing timing cover oilseal or timing gears, steering wheel and disc brake hub nuts.
Two - part primary gear oil seal tool, (known as clutch seal tool). It includes the sleeve that slides over the primary gear to protect the seal membrane on the gear splines, plus the outer body that pushes the seal home square. This is achieved by using the flywheel bolt in the end and tightening.
Fly wheel puller that includes bolts for either early AF or metric type late flywheels.
Inboard CV (pot joint) splitting tool for removing the constant velocity joint from the gearbox by way of driving it between them as a wedge. Does not remove joint from driveshaft.
General purpose wedge type splitter for ball joints.
1.5" AF flat spanner tool for the flywheel bolt to change the clutch.
10  660260.000  
Rear hub puller for extracting rear hub neatly when changing studs, wheel bearings or oil seal.
11  CHM64  
Jack, Standard Mini
Not currently available
12  MPT102  
Hydraulic Hose Clamp
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