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Classic Mini Cooper Wheels

MINI Catalog Page 13-5
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Part No



5x13” WHL1017
6X13” RRC109640MS
7X13” WHL1020
-Miniator in silver all over to fit Mini-5x13 # WHL1005
-Miniator in silver all over to fit MG midget or sprite. Same wheel but with built in 5mm spacer.-5x13 # WHL1006
-Miniator in anthracite with diamond cut edge to fit mini. 5x13 # WHL1007
-# WHL1008
Cap for Miniator 10” wheels. 51mm center whole fitting.(not shown) #WHL1011
Weller steel wheel cap for 13” wheels. 69mm back/rear fitting with badge/logo face area of 45mm. Weller stickers are seperate. # WELLA CAPS12
55mm for RFX 5 spoke 12” only. # REV07
# C-21A1970
Minilife 50mm wheel decal #sticker26.
Original Rover latest 13x6” only. Wheel used on cars with sportspack. Order individually as part number RRC109640NMH.
Similar looking sports pack wheelwith 55mm centre cap hole.
5x10” Miniator 8 spoke wheel very similar to GB alloy with a center cap size of 51mm. This uses standard nuts as used on pre 1984 steel wheels or chrome versoins CN4 or CN1. Supplied less nuts. # WHL1000
5x13” Miniator 8 spoke alloy wheel is available in silver or antracite with diamond cut edge wityh center cap for 59mm hole. Uses standard nuts as fitted to steel wheels 1984 on with 60 degree taper or chrome CN2 as an alternative. Supplied less nuts.
5.5x13 Miniator wheel in silver only for Mini. Uses standard nuts used on steel wheels 1984 on with 60 degree taper or chrome CN2 as an alternative.
Cap for Miniator 13” wheels. 59mm wide front fitting with badge/logo face area of 40mm. # WHL1010
Weller steel wheel cap for 10” wheels. 63mm back/rear fitting with badge logo face area of 45mm. Comes with weller sticker seperate.#WELLA CAPS
Mamba cap, 76mm wide, front fitting. # WHL1014
Minilife cap, 67mm wide front fiting with badge/logo face area of 40mm. Minilife sticker seperate. Fits most original Tech Del Minilite wheels (check size).
10  Caps  
Revolution plastic front fitting cap, 63mm front fitting for all 4 spoke type plus 6x13 RFX. #REV06
11  Valve Caps  
Cooper emblem set of four. # MSA1123
12  Valve Caps  
Blue alloy # MTC6, Red alloy # MTC5, Gold alloy # MTC4, Silver alloy # MTC3
13  Decals  
Mini Cooper 50mm wheel decal #sticker21
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