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Classic Mini Cooper Wheels

MINI Catalog Page 13-3
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REVO1= 5 x 10 4 spoke, REVO2= 6x10 4 spoke,
REVO3 = 5 x 12 4 spoke, REVO4= 6x12 4 spoke
REVO5= 6 x 13 4 spoke.
REV11= RFX 6 x13, REV12= RFX 5 x12
WHL1012=5 x10, WHL1013=6 x10
For anthracite diamond cut 5x12 C-21A1965
For silver diamond cut 5x12 C-21A1966
For anthracite diamond cut 4.5x10 C-21A1963
For silver diamond cut 4.5x10 C-21A1964
Genuine Revolution Wheels. The original style 4 spoke specification which are complete with center caps for the 63mm hole and stainless steel sleeved wheel nuts, except for the 13 wheel, has a different size chrome nuts.
New 5 spoke RFX range as fitted to Mini Cabriolet and German Special Editions. The original 4 spoke Revolution fitted a sleeve type nut, but because RFX take standard type wheel nuts they are not supplied. The 5x12 RFX uses the Mini/Cooper late type wheel nut NAM9075. The 6x13 RFX takes the large seat radius type CN5.
This is the new designed wheel by the newly formed Minilite Company. 5
Also use the Search for "Minilite" for other wheels
6 Minilite  
Also use the Search for "Minilite"
Mamba 4
The old and original Mamba as used since the 1960’s worldwide, is available in 5 x10 and 6 x10, complete with center cap and stainless steel sleeved wheel nuts.
Austalian 6x13. * spoke type wheel. Includes CN5 chrome wheel nuts.
Mini Spares own minilife 5x12 wheel shown in anthracite with diamond cut edge. From the same designs as all the minilife range, depicting the sporting character of the 60’s and 70’s, which have the image favoured for the 90’s coopers. Also available in silver 41/2x10. Complete with front fitting center cap to fit the 67mm hole and stainless sleeved wheel nuts have a tapered washer for extra alignment quantities. These wheels are being subject to testing for T.U.V.(Germany) and J.W.L.(Japan). Wheels sold individually.
The rest of the Minilife range of wheels. These are the original, silver all over, Minilite wheels that are faithful reproductions of those used by Special Tuning Abingdons works and classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s. All supplied with stainless steel sleeved wheel nuts and center caps.
C-21A1967 4
The original 5 x 12 sprayed in Silver with center cap to fit the 67mm hole and stainless steel sleeved wheel nuts, with a tapered washer for better centralization.
C-21A1968 4
The original thick front rimmed 4 1/2 x10 wheel fits within the bodyline without requiring wheel arches, as per Special Tuning Abingdon specification in LM25
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