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Closed Circuit Breathing Components & Anti Run on Valve - Chapter 2 Pages 42-43
MINI Catalog Page 2-43
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  MAV10021 1
Anti run on valve (HIF44 carb vehicles)
Cooper and SE
13H5191 1
Emmission control valve, twin carburettors
27H7758 1
Diaphragm rubber for 13H5191
12G2619 1
Breather oil separator on clutch case
BAU5065M 1
Breather hose per metre
12G2134 1
‘Y’ piece to oil separator, when required
LLH10056 1
Hose ‘Y’ piece to carburettor
GHC405 A/R
Clip, alternative clip ACH5854
12G1938 1
Plastic breather on clutch case
GUG2511HG 1
Gasket for all breather/oil separators, was LVL10001
10  LLC10047 1
Oil separator on clutch case (to clear servo)
1989 on
11  LLC10051 1
Oil separator on clutch case (automatic)
12  SH505061 2
Stud for oil separators (now a bolt)
13  12A1735 1
Breather hose (different size ends)
14  LLH10112 1
Breather hose
Alternative to BAU5065M
15  GHC507 A/R
Clip, hose to carburettor, alternative clip 3H2963
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