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Engine Mountings & Brackets - Chapter 2 Pages 44-45
MINI Catalog Page 2-45
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  SC2 1 pr
2 Plastic cone inserts to replace 21A1108
  MSSK 1
R/H lower steady bar kit, gearbox back to subframe
  MSSK1 1
L/H lower steady bar kit, gearbox back to subframe
12A361 1
Engine mounting bracket L/H
22A30 1
Engine mounting bracket up to 12A361
Manual except Cooper
22A1274 1
Engine mounting bracket L/H
21A1902 2
Engine mounting
Not automatic
21A1902ST 2
Engine mounting with captive nuts
22A1018 1
Engine mounting L/H
Automatic only
22A917 1
Engine mounting R/H
Automatic only
SH605051 3
Bolt for engine mount to radiator bracket
GHF163 3
UNC thread bolt, mount to clutch case
GHF332 A/R
Spring washer
GHF120 4
Engine mounting to subframe bolt
2 per mounting
GHF201 4
Nut for mounting to subframe bolt
Not required on 21A1902ST
21A1109 1
Engine to bulkhead upper steady bar
ERA1020 1
Adjustable upper engine steady bar
21A1817 1
Longer upper engine steady bar, 1300cc 1990 on
All automatics
10  21A2569 1
R/H Steady bar lower, part of kit MSSK
Gearbox to rear
11  C-STR401 1
Bracket for 21A2569 to gearbox, part of kit MSSK
Was 21A2763
12  31G1085 2
Distance piece tube for CRC5329 (on lower brackets)
One each end
13  CRC5329 4
Rubber bush
2 Each end
14  2A5872 1
One piece rubber bush up to 1962
Engine end only
15  2A5873 1
Shouldered stud for master cylinder end
16  BH605151 1
Bulk head mounting bolt (alternative 2A5873)
Use with 21A1108 spacer
17  21A2787 1
L/H steady rod lower, part of kit MSSK1
18  21A2785 1
Bracket for 21A2787 to gearbox, part of kit MSSK1
Gearbox to rear
19  FAM2758 1
R/H steady rod lower to front
Late type subframe with bracket for rod
19  KKH10013 1
R/H steady rod lower to front (.50" shorter than FAM2758)
1300cc 1990 on
20  KKU10080 1
Bracket for KKH10013 rod (heavy duty NAM3760)
1300cc 1990 on
20  NAM3760 1
Bracket for FAM2758 to gearbox
21  2A5869 1
Bracket for engine steady rod
Up to 1970
22  21A1107 1
Plate against engine block
Deleted for 21A2387
23  21A1106 1
Deleted for 21A2387
24  21A2387 1
Bracket for engine steady rod 1971 on
After 21A1107 deleted
25  BH605151 1
Long bolt for 21A1109 to engine
26  GHF120 1
Short bolt when 21A1106 spacer fitted
26  SH605151 1
Short bolt when 21A1106/7 spacers deleted
For 21A2387
27  21A1108 2
Spacer for CRC5329 bushes (upper bar)
28  21A745 1
Remote control rear bracket
29  21A956 1
Remote control rear mounting
30  GHF163 2
Bolt for mounting to housing
31  GHF302 2
Washer for mounting to bracket
32  GHF302 1
Plain washer
33  GHF333 1
Spring washer
34  GHF202 1
35  GHF120 3
Bracket to body bolt
36  GHF301 3
Bracket to body bolt plain washer
37  GHF332 3
Spring washer
38  GHF322 3
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