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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Differential

MINI Catalog Page 3-22
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Part No



DAM6027 1
Case for differential
Use U-DAM6027
ATA7378 1
Bush for case
DAM6327 1
Crown wheel gear 3.1 ratio 998cc
Use CWP3-1
DAM2806 1
Crown wheel gear 3.2 ratio 1275cc
Use CWP3-2
TCB10004 1
Crown wheel gear 2.76 ratio NLA use CWP2-76
Use CWP2.76
ATA7378 1
Bush for Crown wheel gear
ATA7043 1
Bolt, crown wheel to differential case
ATA7385 3
Locktab for crownwheel
BTA154 1
Thrust block
No Longer Available
DAM6624 2
Planet gear
Planet gear with bush, not for C-BTA164
Use C-BTA167
DAM5071 2
Bronze thrust washer
10  22G2583 1
Differential pin
Use C-BTA166
10  C-BTA166 1
Upgraded differential pin
10  C-BTA164 1
Molybdenum coated differential pin
11  RPS1418 1
Roll pin
12  DAM3114 2
Output shaft
13  22G2688 2
14  BTA101 2
Fibre thrust washer 35 thou thick
As original
14  BTA102 2
Fibre thrust washer 43 thou thick
15  AHU1856 2
Differential ball bearing
16  DAM3108 A/R
Differential shim .006"
As required
16  DAM3109 A/R
Differential shim .010"
As required
16  DAM3633 A/R
Differential shim .020"
As required
17  CHM85 2
Alloy output shaft/flange cover
18  2A3538 2
Bush for output flange cover
19  ADU5738 2
Oil Seal for output flange cover
20  22A1611 2
Gasket for output flange cover
20  GUG705567GM 2
Gasket for output flange cover Genuine
Use TRK10004
21  GFK5234 10
Bolt 5/16” UNC x 1” long
Also DAM7755
22  WL2051 10
Lock washer 5/16"
23  GCV1102 2
Inboard CV Joint(Pot joint)
Use DAM667A
24  BHM7012 2
Gaiter kit for pot joint
Cable tie straps
24  GSV1073 2
Gaiter kit for pot joint Genuine
Metal straps
24  GDG234 2
Gaiter kit for pot joint Genuine
Cable tie straps
25  AKF1457 1
Grease for pot joint (supplied in kit)
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