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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Gear Lever and Selector Mechanism

MINI Catalog Page 3-23
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Part No



DAM3670 1
Gear lever Alloy housing
Use U119
42B413 1
Housing steady Bush was 42H1214
DAM2670 1
Pin for gear lever retainer long
22G2277 1
Pin for gear lever retainer short
DAM8621 1
Base plate for housing
Use U-DAM8621
22G2026 1
Bracket, housing to floor
Use U-22G2026
BH606281 1
Bolt for rod change bracket 3/8” UNF x 3 1/2” long
GFK3323 1
Locknut 3/8”for (7)
22G2205 2
Mounting rubber, bracket to floor
10  WL2051 1
Lock washer 5/16”
11  GFK3212 1
Nut 5/16”
Use GHF201
12  22A1932 1
Gear Lever assembly, Alternatives are C-22A1751/2
Use U-22A1932
12  UKE100790 1
Gear lever chrome. Fitted to MPI only - CWE
No Longer Available
13  BG2602 1
Gear lever knob, wooden less emblem
13  BG2702 1
Gear lever knob, leather less emblem
14  MSA0198 1
Gear lever knob 3 1/2” tall in Burl walnut
15  22G1434 1
Retainer cup for gear lever
Use U-22G1434
16  22G2792 1
Extension and gear lever alloy base
17  22G1930 1
Gear change extension rod –998cc only
Use U-22G1930
17  UKN10023 1
Gear change extension rod-1275cc only
No Longer Available
18  RPS1416  
Roll pin, extension rod and coupling
Use RPS1418
19  42H1116 1
Coupling yoke for extension rod
19  U-42H1116 1
Used coupling yoke for extension rod
Alternative to 42H1116
20  42H1199 1
Rod eye support
No Longer Available
21  DAM5067 1
Steady rod, gearbox to gear lever 998cc only
Use U119
21  UKN10032 1
Steady rod, gearbox to gear lever 1275cc only
Use U119
22  BT605181 1
Bolt for steady rod 5/16” UNF x2 1/4” long
No Longer Available
23  GFK3212 1
Nut plain 5/16”
Use GHF201
24  WL2051 1
Lock washer 5/16”
25  GFK3225 1
Nyloc nut 1/2” UNF
26  GFK1117 1
Washer plain 1/2”unf
27  CZH4278 1
Gear lever pvc rubber gaiter
28  FJN10003 1
Retainer for gear lever gaiter
29  GEX7088 1
Exhaust bracket
Use GEX7526
30  12G1318 1
Adaptor alloy plate for 12A361 to gearbox
31  12G1319 1
Screw-special countersunk head for 12G1318
33  BHH2002A 1
Vinyl Cooper style gaiter
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