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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Rear Radius Arm and Bearings

MINI Catalog Page 4-28
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Part No



NAM7162 1
Radius arm bushed assembly R/H - Includes part #5
Use 21A392
NAM7163 1
Radius arm bushed assembly L/H - Includes part #5
Use 21A393
21A397 2
Brake pipe bracket
No Longer Available
2A7351 1
Stub axle shaft R/H
2A7364 1
Stub axle shaft L/H
2A7352 2
Circlip for stub axle
GSV1125 2
Radius arm repair kit (single arm only)
ACA9099 2
Shaft for radius arm
2A7327 4
Rubber sealing ring
2A7324 2
Outer thrust washer
ACA9302 2
Inner thrust washer
10  2A7325 2
Bronze bush outer
11  GFK3215 4
Plain nut 1/2”unf
12  LN10051 2
Grease nipple straight
13  RLH10021 2
Hub rear less wheel studs
Use 21A2023
14  21A1278 8
Wheel stud, 55mm stud shaft length with 20mm thread
14  ENJO-1039 8
Wheel stud, 58mm stud shaft length with 19mm thread
In CW15/CW16 kit
14  ENJO-1040 8
Wheel stud, 78mm stud shaft length with 27mm thread
In CW17 kit
15  113087 16
Wheel nut, with 60 degree seat angle for steel wheels, OEM Type
Use SUS176
15  CN5 16
Wheel Chrome nut, with 60 degree seat angle
Aftermarket fitting
15  AJM1139 16
Wheel nut, for alloy wheels less stainless steel cover
Original equipment
15  NAM9075 16
Wheel nut, for alloy wheels with stainless steel cover
Original equipment
16  GHK1548 2
Rear hub bearing kit less O ring CDU1173 (number 19)
16  GHK1805 2
Rear hub bearing kit upgraded bearings with O ring CDU1173
17  GHS102 2
Oil seal
18  GHF511 2
Cotter pin for stub axle shaft/nut
19  CDU1173 2
O ring for stub axle inner
Part of GHK1548
20  BTA672 2
Washer for rear hub nut
21  NL610041 1
Castle nut R/H with right hand thread
22  FNN2410 1
Castle nut L/H with left handed thread
23  ATB4098 2
Grease retaining cap
24  SR3 1pr
Spacer for rear wheel 3/16” (3mm) without studs
{Rover used 8mm so
24  SR4 1pr
Spacer for rear wheel 1/8” (5mm) without studs
{Use SR3&4 combined
24  CW17 1
Spacer fro rear wheel 3/4”(19mm) with studs
Special fitment only
For item's 6-12; All these parts are supplied in kit GSV1125 and note the outer bush requires reaming to correct size after fitment.
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