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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Carburetor Fixings, Throttle Pedal & Abutment Brackets

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Classic Mini Cooper Carburettor Fixings, Throttle Pedal & Abutment Brackets

MINI Catalog Page 6-17
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1G2624 A/R
Carburettor gasket, for HS2
1G2623 A/R
Spacer for HS2, replaces 12A6 alloy type
MFA132 1
HS2 Plastic spacer with vacuum take off
12A48 1
Throttle abutment plate, HS2 single
No longer Available
12A248 1
Heat shield for HS2 twin, left (radiator side)
Part of MSSK8
12A247 1
Heat shield for HS2 twin, right (clutch side)
Part of MSSK8
12A621 1
Heat shield bridge piece
Part of MSSK8
AEC2075 3
Return spring for HS2 twins only
Part of MSSK8
1E5537 1
Return spring, throttle lever, alternative to 21A839
Every Mini
12A263 1
Clip for petrol pipe to heat shield
No longer Available
10  12A4 1
Anchor tag for spring on carburettor
11  AEG349 1
Throttle bracket on manifold for HS2 twin
12  12A310 1
Throttle lever and spindle (original)
13  12G766 1
Abutment bracket for HS4
14  12H1389 1
Alloy spacer for HS4
14  MFA338 1
Plastic spacer for HS4 with vacuum take off
15  AEC2083 A/R
Gasket for HS4
16  CAM4942 1
Abutment bracket for HIF44, HIF6
Use 3A0035
17  TAM1401 1
Abutment bracket for Turbo HIF44
No Longer Available
18  12H1477 1
Alloy spacer for HS6 .525
No longer Available
18  TAM1068 1
Plastic spacer for HIF44 carbs 0.265
Ssee MFA446
18  MAX10002 1
Plastic spacer HIF4 carbs 0.435
Has gaskets fitted
18  12B561 1
Spacer, HIF6, .50" thick
Has gaskets fitted
19  88G429 A/R
Gasket for HIF and HS6
19  MFA446 1
HS6/HIF plastic spacer with vacuum take off 0.2500
20  12G3213 1
Warm air duct
No longer Available
21  12A1735 1
Emmission breather hose, carburettor to oil separator
22  ACH5854 1
Clip, hose to carburettor
23  CC6 1
Clip, hose to oil separator
24  ACC5062 1
Throttle lever pin
25  GHF200 1
Nut for ACC5062
26  13H3486 1
Damper for throttle
No longer Available
27  AUC5046 1
Trunnion, alternative to ACH9042
28  AUC5047 1
Screw, alternative to 53K3503
29  AUE34 1
Complete trunnion and screw
30  12A5 1
Anchor tab for spring on exhaust clamp
No longer Available
31  88G346 1
R/H/D pedal
No longer Available
31  NAM3108 1
Accelerator pedal R/H/D
1976 on
31  NAM3107 1
Accelerator pedal L/H/D
1976 on
32  GPR105 1
Accelerator pedal rubber
Pre 1976
32  GPR104 1
Accelerator pedal rubber
1976 on
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