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Classic Mini Cooper Handbrake and Mechanism

MINI Catalog Page 6-39
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Part No



NAM6491 1
Handbrake lever assembly
Use U-NAM6491
FAM8356 1
Grip for handbrake lever
Grip for handbrake lever
NAM9561 1
Grip for handbrake lever NLA
Use FAM8356
MSA0195 1
Grip for handbrake in Burr Walnut
FAM621 1
Compensator bracket for cable
GVC2135 1
Cable for handbrake front section
GVC2134 1
Cable for handbrake rear section
CLZ409 2
Clevis pin to rear brake levers
Use GFK101 split pins
ACA5522 1
Guide for handbrake cable through floor
Known as fair lead
SPK10002 1
Sealing pad for cable guide
SE910201 2
Screw for guide to floor
10  WA1090 2
Plain washer 3/16”
11  GFK3210 2
Plain nut 3/16” UNF
Use GHF206
12  FAM628 1
Fork end for cable to handbrake
13  31G5049 1
Adjusting nut fork to front cable
14  GFK3211 1
Plain nut 1/4” UNF acts as locking nut on fork
15  CLZ512 1
Clevis pin for fork to cable
Use GFK102 split pin
16  21A2454 1 Pr
Quadrant sector pair for handbrake cable on radius arm
17  CLZ549 2
Clevis pin for quadrant
Use GFK102 split pins
18  AWZ105 2
Anti rattle washer
19  FJM000010PMA 1
Handbrake lever gaiter black leather genuine
No Longer Available
19  CK989 1
Handbrake lever gaiter black leather
Use CK989A In Vinyl
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