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Classic Mini Cooper Carburettors HS2 Twin

MINI Catalog Page 6-9
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Part No



  HS24F 1
Carb service kit, front
  HS24R 1
Carb service kit, rear
And use GSU431 Jet Assembly
  CRK101 1
Twin carb rebuild kit with spindles, bushes, butterflies
Twin carburetor identification of right hand or rear denotes the carburettor farthest
away from the water pump end of engine. Therefore, front or left hand is the closest to the water pump or spark plug number one.
AUD662 1 pr
Pair of HS2 carburetors, .90 swinging needle
AUC8103 2
Dashpot damper
AUC4587 2
Dashpot spring blue, 2.5oz
AUC4387 2
Dashpot spring red, 4.5oz
AUD1059 2
Needle rich (AH2)
AUD1261 2
Needle standard (M)
AUD1149 2
Needle weak (EB)
GSU423 1
Jet assembly, LH (front)
GSU431 1
Jet assembly, RH (rear)
AUC8460 2
Fixed needle jet bearing, use WZX1341
Part of WZX1341
WZX1341 2
Fixed needle jet bearing kit
WZX1442 2
Swinging needle jet bearing kit, was WZX1342
AUC8469 2
Spindle Kit
WZX1310A 2
Spindle Kit Inc. Modified Spindle With O-Rings
WZX1320 2
Butterfly disc with screws
10  RTC5965 4
Butterfly screw
11  AUD2129 2
No longer Available
12  AUD2193 2
13  AUD2194 2
14  GSU200 2
Su Hs2 / Hs4 Carburetor Float
15  AUC1152 2
Float pin
16  AUE266 1
Float and lid and needle valve assembly
R/H (rear)
16  AUE269 1
Float and lid and needle valve assembly
L/H (front)
17  CA90 2
Needle and seat, float valve
17  AUD9096GR 2
Needle and seat, float valve, Grose Jet
18  AUC8459 2
Float gasket
19  JZX1394 6
Float and dashpot screw
20  AUC1366 1
Body to bowl grommet
R/H (rear)
20  AUC1316 1
Body to bowl grommet
L/H (front)
21  AUC1426 2
Pivot bolt
22  AUC1424 2
Pivot nut
No longer Available
23  AUC1318 2
Rubber washer
24  AUD3079 4
Spindle repair bush .250" ID ream body to 8mm
25  AUE586 2
Lever assembly right hand side
26  AUE587 2
Lever assembly left hand side
27  AUC1457 1
Connecting rod 2.200"
28  AUC1501 1
Spring Return Lever
Universal type
28  AUE236 1
Spring Return Lever
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