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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Carburetors HS4

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Classic Mini Cooper Carburettors HS4

MINI Catalog Page 6-11
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Part No



  HS24R 1
Carburetor service kit
AUD3913 1
Rebuilt 1.5 Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat 1980 And Later
HS4 1
HS4 Single carburettor 1.5
AUC8103 1
Dashpot damper
AUC4387 1
Dashpot spring red, 4.5oz
AUD1261 1
Fixed needle rich (M)
AUD1149 1
Fixed needle standard (EB)
AUD1478 1
Fixed needle rich (AN)
AUD1528 1
Fixed needle standard (DZ)
CUD1015 1
Swinging needle (AAR) AUD453 (Carb no. AUD453)
CUD1025 1
Swinging needle (ABB) FZX1047/AUD567
1275cc Europe
CUD1037 1
Swinging needle (ABP) AUD608
CUD1002 1
Swinging needle (AAC)
CUD1006 1
Swinging needle (AAG) AUD540/AUD548
998cc Europe
NZX4005 1
Swinging needle (ADE) FZX1064/FZX1146
998cc Europe
AUD3306 1
Swinging needle spring
AUD4288 1
Swinging needle guide
WZX1341 1
Fixed needle jet bearing kit
WZX1442 1
Jet bearing kit, was WZX1340 (swinging needle)
WZX1177 1
Throttle spindle
WZX1177A 1
Modified 1.5 Inch Hs4 Su Carburettor Spindle With O-rings
10  WZX1323 1
Butterfly disc, with screws
11  RTC5965 2
Butterfly screw
12  AUD9451A 1
Jet (red plastic) black identification band
12  LZX1111A 1
Wax stat jet (metal base)
1980 on supplied with jet
13  AUD2193 1
14  AUD2194 1
Rubber seal
15  AUD2129 1
No longer Available
16  WZX1300 1
Float and pin kit
17  AUC1152 1
Float pin
18  CA90 1
Needle & seat kit
18  AUD9096GR 1
Grose Jet, replacement for CA90
19  AUE266 1
Lid assembly with float and needle valve
20  2535 1
Float gasket
21  AUD2071 1
Adaptor piece die cast solid not rubber
No longer Available
22  WZX1335 1
Return spring kit
23  JZX1394 6
Dashpot and floatlid screw
24  AUD3080 2
Spindle repair bush .3125" I/D ream body to 9.5mm
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