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Classic Mini Cooper Exhaust System Including New Coopers ( not 1275GT & Cooper 'S' )

MINI Catalog Page 7-5
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Part No



  GEX7779 1
Down pipe gasket for MPI
  GEX7661 2
Flexible rubber hanger mounting, May 1992 on
GEX106 1
Single box exhaust system
GEX107 1
Single box exhaust system 1967 on
Van/Estate/Pick up
GEX116 1
Single box exhaust system up to 1967
Van/Estate/Pick up
GEX1390 1
Downpipe for single box
No longer Available
GEX155 1
Twin box exhaust
GEX189 1
Twin box exhaust
GEX7053 1
Front pipe to gearbox clip
No longer Available
GEX7052 1
Middle clip
No Longer Available
GEX7082 1
Middle clip strap
GEX7273 1
Middle clip strap, Van & Estate
GEX7081 1
Middle exhaust mounting
GEX7084 1
Rear exhaust clip
GEX7272 1
Rear exhaust clip
GEX7251 1
Rear exhaust bobbin mounting
10  GEX7046 1
Manifold clamp
2 on new Cooper
10  GEX7790 1
Manifold clamp, for GEX12052
11  GEX7337 1
Gearbox bracket for downpipe clip
No longer Available
12  GEX7526 1
Gearbox bracket for downpipe clip 1974 on, rod change
Was GEX7088
13  GEX9551 1
Exhaust fitting kit, was GEX9502
14  S114BR 1
Downpipe flexible neck repair piece
No longer Available
15  GEX7761 2
Gaskets for flanges on catalyst
When fitted
16  GEX8025 1
Catalyst assembly (nickle free Germany only)
No longer Available
16  GEX8026 1
Catalyst assembly
No longer Available
17  GEX33479 1
Rear twin box assembly (to VIN 022123) to August 1990
No longer Available
17  GEX33515 1
Rear twin box assembly (VIN 022124 on) August 1990 on
No longer Available
17  GEX33519 1
Rear twin box assembly (HIF38 carb) May 1992 on
Plus MPI
18  GEX12043 1
Down pipe for MPI
19  GEX12017 1
Twin down pipe for Cooper carburettor type
many customers opt for C-AEG367 and C-AEG375 if retaing catalyst
20  GEX12052 1
Single down pipe for HIF38 carburettor type
May 1992 on
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