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Classic Mini Cooper Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds

MINI Catalog Page 7-3
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Part No



12A1097 1
Inlet and exhaust manifold, Single HS2
No longer available
12G3279 1
Inlet and exhaust manifold
ADP210 1
Blanking plug, alternative plug 88G619
Fits all
1B3664 1
Washer for plug ADP210
12H1405 1
Manifold union/adaptor, plain
13H6289 1
Non return valve union
No longer available
CHS2613 2, 4
Manifold to carburettor stud, HS2 single and twin
For 12A1097, AEG347, 12G2463.
22A152 2, 4
Manifold to carburettor stud, HS4, HIF38/HIF44
For 12G3279, etc.
AJM601 1
Manifold gasket
GUG4008MG 1
Manifold gasket,Turbo
C-AHT381 1
Large bore manifold gasket
C-AHT381C 1
Compeition Big Bore
AEG347 1
Original inlet manifold HS2 twin MKI/II
Use C-AEG488
12G2463 1
Inlet manifold, twin HS2, H4 (not HS4)
Use C-AEG488
C-AEG489 1
Inlet manifold, twin HS4/6
12G297 2
Twin inlet to cylinder head sleeve
10  12G615 1
Exhaust manifold No Longer Available
Use C-STR816, Cooper Freeflow
10  C-STR816 1
Freeflow Exhaust Manifold Header
11  C-AHT770 1
Inlet Manifold for HIF44
12  CAM6745 1
Exhaust manifold, HIF44
No longer Available
13  PEH10021 1
Hose - manifold outlet
No longer Available
14  PEH10022 1
Hose inlet manifold to bottom hose
No longer Available
15  12G3538 1
Inlet and exhaust manifold HIF38
Use C-AHT770 for intake. Separate exhaust.
16  LKB10412 1
Inlet manifold TBI injection
No longer Available
17  LKC10090 1
Exhaust manifold TBI injection
No longer Available
18  LKK10025 1
Hot box for manifold
No longer Available
19  TD108051A 3
Exhaust manifold stud
20  TE108071 4
Inlet manifold stud to TBI
No longer Available
21  12A1211 4
Washer, Manifold
22  GHF261 4
Nut, Brass, Short
23  51K1177 2
Nut, Brass, Long
Can be used on center two studs.
23  LYH10008 4
Nut, manifold, steel, with attached washer
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