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Classic Mini Cooper Power Unit Electrics (non injection)

MINI Catalog Page 9-57
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Part No



37H4229M 1
Vacuum pipe with 2 rubber ends 16”(660mm)long
Cut as required
12B2095 1
Straight connector for vacuum pipe
Part of 37H4229M
12B2062 1
Angled connector for vacuum pipe
Part of 37H4229M
GCL217 1
Ballast type coil 998cc was GCL144
GCL143 1
Ballast type coil 1275cc
GCL211 1
Ballast type coil 1275cc Unipart alternative - Standard in Japan
Use GCL143
12G2994 1
Bracket to hold coil
HF0505 1
Set screw 5/16” UNF x 5/8” long
WL2051 1
Lock washer 5/16”
WU2041 1
Plain washer 5/16"
GHT241 1
Ignition 6mm lead set in double silicone
Genuine Rover
C-27H7779 1
Ignition 8mm lead set in silicone, extra performance
Genuine Rover
HV22 1
Ignition 8mm Red lead set, silicone, extra performance
BLS529 1
Ignition 8mm Blue lead set, silicone, extra performance
10  BP6ES 4
Spark plug
10  BPR6ES 4
Spark plug for cars with electronic ignition,1275cc
11  GPS133 1
Oil pressure switch
Use GPS101
12  6K464 1
Washer for switch, not required
13  GTR101 1
Temperature transmitter
14  GAE191 1
Reverse lamp switch
15  22A1613 1
Locking nut for reverse lamp switch
16  13H5045 1
Inhibitor switch for Automatic only
No Longer Available
17  AUU1105 1
Anti run on valve-German market when no servo-pre1989
No Longer Available
17  AFU3863 1
Anti run on valve-German market with servo from 1989
No Longer Available
18  ADU5066 1
Inhibitor switch-German market only
No Longer Available
19  HAM4238 1
Harness for run on valve
No Longer Available
20  MAQ10002 1
Thermostatic vacuum switch for open loop catalyst
1275cc with HIF38 carb
21  MAW10001 1
Washer for vacuum switch
22  8B12397 1
Coil bracket in stainless steel
See 8B12398 also
23  YMV10064 1
Harness from electronic distributor module to coil
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