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Classic Mini Cooper Switches

MINI Catalog Page 9-69
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Part No



YUF101030 1
Lighting rocker switch was ADU4793
YUF101680 1
Heated rear screen rocker switch was ADU4799
YUF101660 1
Hazard rocker switch was ADU4794
YUF101650 1
Brake test switch was ADU4794
YUF101670PMA 1
Front fog lamp rocker switch
YUF101690 1
Rear fog lamp switch was ADU4791
GLB280 A/R
Cap less bulb for rocker switch
13H3735 1
Stop lamp switch under brake pedal
BMK1903A 1
Lock nut for stop lamp switch
10  YUF101090 1
Heater rocker switch was 37H3922 except MPI
10  YUF101410 1
Heater twin speed rocker switch, MPI only
11  YUC10004 1
Sun roof switch pack
No Longer Available
12  YUK100140 1
Headlamp levelling rotary switch, MPI plus SPI Export
13  YUM10002 1
Knob for headlamp levelling switch
14  YUN10001 1
Locking nut for switch
15  XHC100010 1
Seat belt warning indicator
No Longer Available
16  YUE10003 1
Courtesy light switch with bullet type connector Pre MPI
No Longer Available
16  YUE100470 1
Courtesy light switch with spade type connector MPI
Use 13H9481
17  YUE10011 2
Burglar alarm contact switch for boot and bonnet
As required
18  GFK2256 2
Self tap N06 screw 1/2” long for items 16 and 17
Use GHF421
19  21A2660 1
Indicator switch to Oct 1988
19  BAU5345 1
Indicator switch, horn and headlamp flash, (1988 - 1996)
Except MPI
20  37H8286 1
Wash and Wipe for windscreen switch, to Oct 1988
20  BAU5346 1
Wash and Wipe for windscreen switch, (1988 - 1994)
Except MPI
21  XPC100200PMP 1
Indicator switch, lighting, dip, indicators, 1996 on
MPI only
22  XPE100420PMP 1
Wash and wipe for windscreen switch, 1996 on
MPI only
23  XPH100100 1
Housing for attaching indicator and wiper switches, MPI only
1996 on
24  XPC100050 1
Indicator switch turn camshaft, MPI only 1996 on
No Longer Available
25  YRC100300 1
Steering column coupling, MPI only
1996 on
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