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DIY Classic Mini Fuel System Articles

Injection cars - SPi-TPi tuning, basic information (Technical Information)
  Injection cars - SPi-TPi tuning, basic information   I've been getting a lot - well even more than normal - of questions concerning tuning the injection engined-cars of late as more and more folk are looking to tune their modern Minis. Many are frustrated by the lack of product availability to achieve what they want, some are experiencing problems with the standard ECU and others are plain hacked-off at the lacked of useful information on how to go about tuning the injected cars. In particular whether removing the Cat is a good idea, and whether there are any problems as far as the standard ECU (electronic control unit, or 'brain') is concerned when changing chunks of the standard engine - like rocker gear, cylinder head, etc. and just what can you do in the way of tuning an...
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WTCC Carburetor (Technical Information)
  1.  Engine crankcase breather. 2.  Manifold vacuum source to be connected to de-accel. shut-off device item 5. 3.  Distributor vacuum advance source (spark port). 4.  EGR vacuum source. 5.  De-accel. shut-off device (diaphragm) vacuum connection (connects to item 2). 6.  Idle Mixture screw. 7.  Idle speed screw.  ...
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SU CARBS - Connection, HIF type - Classic Mini Cooper (Brands)
Austin Mini Cooper HIF Carb Installation Although there are a number of different versions of the HIF type carb, they all essentially share the same type of connection layout. The diagram below depicts the most common type - the connections can be on either the right hand side (as illustrated below) or the left hand side. Some have the connections shared on either side. Whichever, the port functi...
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Carb Rebuild for the Classic Mini Cooper (Restoration)
While waiting to get a block of time to dive back into the metalwork, we did some light bench work and rebuilt the original 1.25-inch SU carbs. Overall, the carbs were in good shape, and we had a few extras that we’d collected. The main thing to look out for in a carb rebuild is worn throttle shafts. These can be rebushed. Fortunately, ours were in decent shape.   ...
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