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DIY Classic Mini Paint Codes

Austin Version of BMC Paint Color Codes (Exterior)
  If you're looking for a way to simply  restore the paint you've got, check out this helpful video by Steveston Motors.    Exterior Color Description BMC Code ICI Code Dupont Ditzler Interior Hood Remarks Old English White Cream White       8177     MIN 54-65 Snowberry White Off White       8341     MIN 62-65 Black Black       9000     MIN 65-65 & Prior Conway Blue Light Blue       11822     MIN 55-56 Reef Blue Dark Blue       11823     MIN 55-56 Balmoral Medium Blue Gray       11824     MIN 53 Naples Blue Light Blue ...
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The Paint Codes (Exterior Trim Upgrades)
HELP OUT! We would like to continue to fill in the details and the important "examples".  If you know a color code, have color chip, If your car is a certain color;  Please send us a picture or a link to a picture of the color. You can forward any additional information to: [email protected]   Thanks to Hugh Cannon for putting together this great list of paint codes...
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