March 21-24 2014.


Mini Mania and Spridget Mania’s founder, Don Racine is racing this weekend at the Laguna Seca raceway near Monterey California. Don is participating in the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) Vintage Car race driving a Mk1 “Bugeye” Austin-Healy Sprite.

Thursday was a travel day, a 5 hour drive from home in Grass Valley to the race track. The team's dog Bella leads the way!


The team has arrived! 

Don is instructing at the Hooked On Driving (HOD) event Friday , so the team camped for one night at the Laguna Seca Campground, on top of a hill at the track near to Turn 6.
Don will be racing here Saturday and Sunday in the Bugeye........won't be so quiet and peaceful then! Meanwhile the Bugeye Waits !!!


Friday in Monterey starts overcast and cool.  Today is 'Hooked On Driving' HOD track day.  Don is coaching a Sprite driver and a Mini driver, so lots of track time for him.

Getting ready to go to the track to test the Sprite.

Lunch time ride with the Coach. Exciting to be on the track with Don!


We're on the track at last. 

Turn 3....ready to pass.....move over, coming around!


Turn 8.......aptly named the Corkscrew.  A blind approach, cresting a hill, heading downhill.  You have to believe the track is there because you sure can't see it when you are coming up to it!  Hang on......better than any carnival ride!!



Saturday dawns, and it's race day for the Sprites and Midgets! Racing these vintage cars brings many people together for 2 days of friendly competition.


Don Racine and Greg Cory are ready to race




Nick Conklin and Don check out the Bugeye after the first race



After the first race ... some adjustments needed!



 Nick Conklin know all about these fabulous vintage cars! Meanwhile Hayden Cory is working on his Dad's motor!




Russ Noblett making some adjustments to his nice red and white Sprite.  Scott Schmidt's 1972 Austin Healey




End of the first day of racing at Laguna Seca




 Foggy Sunday morning trackside.  The Bugeye is running well.  The last race will be in the afternoon. Hope the fog clears



Sunny Sunday afternoon...Lap 3.    Just before a broken right rear spring took Don out of the race!  Even though the final race was shortened, we had a great racing weekend at Laguna Seca.  Thanks to our friends Nick Conklin and Gina Conklin for their enjoyable company and help with keeping the Bugeye ready to race.



The Age and Treachery gang from the Midwest. A fun, great group to race with! 



 Late Sunday afternoon and we're northbound on Interstate 5, heading home to Grass Valley. 



 Looking forward to our next racing adventure in Brands Hatch in England! That looks like a challenging track!