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Timken front wheel bearing kit for 1 side | Sprite MG Midget Morris Minor

Timken front wheel bearing kit for 1 side | Sprite MG Midget Morris Minor

Timken front wheel bearing kit for 1 side | Sprite MG Midget Morris Minor
Part No: SUS166T
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor

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The stock original front wheel bearings are the "ball" bearing style. This system works great and can last a long time, but with the advent of wide and sticky tires the loads put on them are tremendous. Timkin's "tapered" bearings that provide much better absorb side loads are now available for all Sprites and Midgets. Just as important, they are direct replacements-they work! Several cheaper versions have been available over the years that have not been as precise. 2 kits required per car. The bearing kit does not include seals, sold separately see part number GHS102. These bearings are designed to be used with the factory spacer between the bearings and they should be shimmed for the correct end float. The shim kit is part number GHF550.
Good Morning, I was wondering if I might be able to inquire about the Timken Roller Bearing set for the MG Midget front hub. I would like to purchase a pair of the bearings to put into my 1974 MG Midget which I'm restoring. But my budget for the car is starting to dwindle (can't afford much only being 21). As much as I would like to, I would like to purchase the bearing set through you guys but I simply couldn't afford the two sets plus shipping to Australia. Would it be at all possible to ask what the part numbers are for the Timken bearings? From what I could research through the Timken catalogues and spec sheets I came up with the following part numbers: 05066, 05185, 07097, 07204. I also Have one other question. I've watched your YouTube video of assembling the Midget Stub Axle and I found it incredibly informative (just like all of your videos). I was just wondering, what did you coat the parts with? The black finish on all of it looks really nice. Kind Regards,
Hi ,

Yes, those are the Timken numbers. You'd also need to get the MGB shim set to shim them properly.

The stub axles in the video were bead blasted and painted with black engine enamel from a rattle can, I believe. I've found that some engine paints lay down much better than other types.
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