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BMW Mini Cooper

 Your Opinion: 2012 countryman S all4?

 Created by: Alexzannder
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 Posted: Feb 14, 2020 02:14AM
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We have a 2014 that we bought new. It has been a very good car. Its a very comfortable highway car. We are at about 90,000 miles now with no issues.

 Posted: Feb 13, 2020 11:36AM
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I have some very general recommendations - applicable to any used car purchases:

Always have a pre-purchase inspection done by a shop familiar with MINIs.
Consider getting the newest model that fits in your budget.
Try to find a model with complete service and maintenance records.

 Posted: Feb 13, 2020 08:03AM
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I am a proud owner of a 2007 MINI Cooper S that has unfortunately had its last ride for awhile and needs a engine rebuild. I am in the process of looking at new (used) cars and have notice that in my price range there seems to be a lot of early 2010s Countryman S All4s for sale with 50-80k miles on them. I'm looking for some opinions on this model and if it is worth buying. my plan would be to use my 07 as a summer car once i rebuild the engine and keep the Countryman as a winter car. At least that is my current plan, I have also thought about just building up the 07 and making it my own. 

so do any of you have a 2012 or around there Countryman S All4? how do you like it? and normal issues that need to be look into/addressed? anything that always goes bad in them? typical issues?