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BMW Mini Cooper
Classic Mini MKIII and later brake servo boosts pressure from master cylinder includes mounting brackets.
MKIII MKIV Brake Servo with Line Kit | Classic Mini MKIII and Later

MKIII MKIV Brake Servo with Line Kit | Classic Mini MKIII and Later

MKIII MKIV Brake Servo with Line Kit | Classic Mini MKIII and Later
Part No: 13H7940
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SALE Price $211.46
List: $234.95
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The servo used in the MK3 Mini will fit into all models and works great! If you still have drum brakes don't ignore this information. A servo on drum brakes does wonders for stopping and if a future disc brake conversion is planned, a servo is a good first step! Contains servo 13H7939 a kit including mounting brackets and lines. If you have ever driven a car with one of these Servos installed you would never want to be without one! Technically speaking a servo does nothing to help the brakes. What it is really designed to to is help your leg muscles activate the brakes quicker and harder! But when installed it sure makes the car stop faster and feel a whole lot more confident when driving. The special kit from Lockheed includes the Servo, mounting brackets, brake lines and instructions! Although these are Mini servos, they can be retrofitted to any British hydraulic brake system….power brakes on a Minor?!
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