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BMW Mini Cooper
Stud kit Head ARP 9 Stud With Rocker Studs and 12 Point Nuts

Stud kit Head ARP 9 Stud With Rocker Studs and 12 Point Nuts

Stud kit Head ARP 9 Stud With Rocker Studs and 12 Point Nuts
Part No: 206-4201
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Internet Price $139.95
If your high compression, or high RPM motor blows head gaskets or blows coolant, it is likely that the head studs are not keeping enough torque pressure on the cylinder head. You can only re-torque a stud so often before they stretch and lose strength! These ARP studs are manufactured of high grade steel: they don't stretch so you pull the head down not the stud up. 9 stud kit with special machined washers and 12pt. nuts are included to increase torque accuracy through better engagement. Rocker studs and nuts are also included. (As a point of reference, the cost of this kit is less than stock studs alone!) Studs can be torqued to 65ft/lbs with oil, 55ft/lbs with the included ARP assembly lube.
See our part# L99 for ARP Lube.

Watch out for ARP kits sold under this part number, but equipped instead with cheaper 6 point nuts!

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