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Windshield Wiper Wheelbox for Classic Mini MKI & MKII

Windshield Wiper Wheelbox for Classic Mini MKI & MKII

Windshield Wiper Wheelbox for Classic Mini MKI & MKII
Part No: 37H6100
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
The 'wheel box' serves as the drive to convert the cable output of the wiper motor to your wipers. The early Mini (prior to 1970) all had this wiper box.

Up to 1970, these wiper wheel boxes only had 22 teeth but were changed to 32 teeth from 1970 onward, part no. 37H7200. The shaft is 5/8-18 thread.

37H6042C includes a pair of nuts and two chrome bezels for this wheelbox.

Hi- I need to replace the wiper wheelboxes on my 67 Mk 1, but it seems like the longer parts I ordered don't fit my car (I can't fit the longer part in place between the hole and the firewall). The old parts are shorter, but both have 22-tooth gears. I think when I took them apart there was a 6-sided gear on one side and an 8-sided on the other. Can you help me with the differences between 37H6100 and 37H7200? I'm totally lost on this.
The 37H7200 is a 32 tooth wheelbox for the later Mk III cars. Your car should require the 37H6100's. As for the fitment, I've replaced a set myself - I would recommend you ask on the forums if there's a trick to it.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  Would it be possible for someone to send me a length measurement on the 37H6100 so I can see if it matches mine? Is the Mk 1-2 version shorter or longer than the later model part?

ANSWER TO FOLLOW UP:  The post on the 37H6100's is approx 1 3/4" tall.
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