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Classic Mini brake line connector 3-way on firewall

Classic Mini brake line connector 3-way on firewall

Classic Mini brake line connector 3-way on firewall
Part No: 3H2424
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
This 3 way connector was used on the Classic Mini diagonal split braking system joining the front brake pipes to the main line system on both sides of the car, hence 2 fitted. Later Minis with dual line systems, with the pressure valve on the bulkhead (1978 on), a single connector is fitted at the rear to feed the wheel cylinder pipes in place of the old type regulator valve. ERA Minis also used one of these on the rear of their cars. Also used on the early Sprite and MG Midget mounted on the differential housing.
Can you please provide the fitting thread sizes for this connector? I am looking for a tee to replace the PDWA on a 1979 Midget and it appears to have 7/16 bubble flare fittings on 3/16 brake line. The PDWA has been rebuilt but still leaks at the warning switch, so I would like to delete the PDWA and replace with a Tee like this and a union for the rear brakes. The rear brakes appear to use 3/8 fittings.
Hello, thank you for the question!

3/8" bubble flare - 3/8 would be consistent with 3/16 line. 

Your Spridget Mania Tech Team
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Created: December 13, 2000
The other 4-way valve on the bulkhead on later cars (part number FAM7821) is frequently wrongly identified as one of the above as they are similar. However, this unit does not have the electrical connection, and has a cylinder sticking out one end. This IS a brake pressure regulator, only fitted to front/rear split systems as far as I'm aware. The PDWA is built into the master cylinders in these applications.