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Aluminum Radiator Original Shape | Pre-1991 Classic Mini

Aluminum Radiator Original Shape | Pre-1991 Classic Mini

Aluminum Radiator Original Shape | Pre-1991 Classic Mini
Part No: ARP1110
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Aluminum, lightweight original looking radiator with correct shape header and lower tanks, same as ARP2000 to look at but made in aluminum with latest technology cuprobraze manufacture. For metric fasteners used with this radiator, see FS106107.

Painted black so they look original and cover any blemishes from preparation and manufacturing. Least expensive, high quality aluminum radiator available anywhere.

Rave reviews from race and road users for keeping the engine at correct temperature regardless of use or weather conditions.

Advantages of this radiator are:
  • It is greener for the environment to produce
  • Better thermal performance & corrosion resistance
  • Strength and durability.

Use distilled water for these radiators to stop galvanic corrosion from cast iron engine components such as water pumps, engine blocks, cylinder heads and some thermostat housings. This reaction to aluminum is known as galvanic corrosion which can build up using ordinary water.

Water boils at 212F and when under pressure it can raise by 3 degrees for every pound of pressure. Never let your car run at to cool a temperature!!!!

The higher the pressure cap the hotter the water has to get to boil - we suggest using 15lb cap GRC1110.

Why are old radiators black? Keith Dodd says early car producers and BMC found black paint on copper dissipated heat the best and stopped them from going green and looking unsightly.

Not suitable for 1976 Australian minis where hose positions are different, the picture shows outlets in original UK and USA positions. A small amount of grease applied to the filler will ease the fitted of the cap.
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