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Rose Petal Wheel 4.75x10 Black On Silver

Rose Petal Wheel 4.75x10 Black On Silver

Rose Petal Wheel 4.75x10 Black On Silver
Part No: C-21A1071
SALE Price $313.24
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
A faithful reproduction of the classic 1960's "Rose Petal" 4.75" x 10" alloy wheel. Supplied with the correct open-ended stainless steel nuts and washers. Finished in matt black with silver centre and outer rim. Suitable for use on both road cars and FIA Historic race cars. Made with the correct offset for Cooper S disc brakes. Each wheel is supplied with a wheel spacer and 2 sets of nuts, for use with or without spacer.
When using without spacers the disc and caliper will have to be modified slightly.
Bare wheel weighs 2.98kg ET+40
Sold EACH.
Hi, I was interested in putting a set of rose petals on my 93 Mini Cooper. Will I need to make any modifications to the front discs or body if I wanted to run 10? How will the fitment be with the stock flares? I saw you also have JBW rose petals in 12”. How do they compare? Thanks in advance.
Your Mini has 8.4" discs, correct? 10" wheels won't clear the calipers. Plus, your speedometer would be inaccurate going from 12" to 10" wheels.

As far as the 12" Rose Petal wheel goes it should fit your Mini much better. The offset will tuck most of the wheel into the wheel wells. Little or no arches would be required.


FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  Are you able to source 12” rose petals in black? 

FOLLOW UP ANSWER:  Yes, we can do the same wheel in a Matte black finish: https://www.minimania.com/part/C-21A1073/5-X-12-Rose-Petal-Wheel-Matte-Black
Also Purchased with: C-21A1071
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