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Ribcase Gearbox Front Cover w/seal, Sprite & Midget, Morris Minor RHD

Ribcase Gearbox Front Cover w/seal, Sprite & Midget, Morris Minor RHD

Ribcase Gearbox Front Cover w/seal, Sprite & Midget, Morris Minor RHD
Selected: Ribcase Sprite & Midget, plus Ribcase RHD Morris M
Part No: C-22G118
This Item has a $35.00 core charge.
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor

This is our newest modified 22G118 ribcase front cover with rubber seal. This new design replaces the older one with a larger seal installed in the front face, rather than in the back like the older style. The larger seal is more robust and will keep gearbox oil from contaminating your garage floor! These front covers can be directly installed with no other modifications. A core charge will be charged when placing an order to be refunded when we receive a good serviceable core.

This cover will fit the left and right hand drive 1098/1275cc Ribcase Sprite and Midget. If you have a 1098cc Morris Minor with a ribcase, this number is for Right Hand Drive cars only. 

Working on installing a ribcase to my existing 1275 (which I bought from you guys some years ago) for my LHD Morris 1000 (I lost 1ST gear in the original smooth case and got a rebuilt used ribcase). The mount where I attach the clutch arm in the front cover is 1" wide but the arm is only 1/2". Looking at your part 22G118 to replace the front plate I have but am not sure about some details. Is this a straight R&R job on a ribcase? I watched a video on your site about swapping the ribcase onto a 948 but it was for a RHD and the front plate was different and had to be drilled on the inside plus a couple studs holes have to be drilled and tapped....hoping the 22G118 is a straightforward R&R...

The LHD Morris Minor had an unusual front cover on the ribcase gearbox from the factory. The casting number should be 22G124 and you're correct, the arm pivot area is wider than all other front covers. The reason for this was to make room for the stud and nut that come through this area just below the pivot. It's to maintain the bolt pattern in the bell housing without needing a special bell housing just for the LHD Minors. The fork should be correct as all of the ribcase types are the same on Morris Minors and Spridgets but the 22G124 cover needs a spacer tube and a longer bolt to secure the fork in the wider space. Take a look at the link below and scroll down to the picture of the 1098cc Morris Minor fork that shows the bolt and the aluminum spacer tube attached:



If your spacer was lost, you need to make a new one. It shouldn't be too difficult with some aluminum bar stock. Make sure to cut it to length so that it keeps the fork pressed up against one side of the pivot towers (where the fork is centered over the input shaft) and there's no free play when it's bolted together.

I hope all of that makes sense.