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Classic Mini Aldon Yellow Pre A+ 45d Distributor

Classic Mini Aldon Yellow Pre A+ 45d Distributor

Classic Mini Aldon Yellow Pre A+ 45d Distributor
Part No: C-27H7766
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
Aldon modified yellow equivalent on the original 45d body early pre A plus Once the engine has been modified, it will invariably require a different ignition curve-especially when compression ratios have been raised and camshafts changed. There is no substitute for a tailor-made distributor determined by an engine or chassis dyno session, however this can be prohibitively expensive! We offer the Aldon Automotive range of distributors for A Series engines. <br>

For road use it is advisable to use the vacuum advance for economy. Many say, incorrectly, that this over-advances ignition, causing detonation in performance engines. That is not true as the vacuum advance only works at partial throttle openings, not under load with full throttle when no manifold vacuum exists!
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