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Oil Pump, 998 A+ Engines, Slot Drive Evolution

Oil Pump, 998 A+ Engines, Slot Drive Evolution

Oil Pump, 998 A+ Engines, Slot Drive Evolution
Part No: C-AEG413
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
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Slot drive pump for 998cc A-Plus engines.

All oil pumps are not created equal! Almost all pumps available today have the same design capacity. The problem is the lack of precise manufacturing. Most factories in their quest for production volume have sacrificed precision.

CNC machined from alloy billets with sintered internals assembled to very exacting standards. These close tolerance pumps produce consistently high oil pressure even at high RPMs (10L/min at 1000RPM).

So finely engineered that there is less oil drag on the pump giving potential for higher BHP. Alway check the fixing bolt length because if they are even slightly to long the pump will never seal against the gasket and block causing oil drain down.

Please note blocks will need drilling and tapping to fit this pump as not all the holes in the pump will line up correctly. you must drill and tap the block so that all four holes in the pump are used.

Being the heart of the engine, it is obviously essential that the pump is in prime condition when fitted. Due to robotised manufacture of the commercially produced pumps, tolerances have been opened up to facilitate rapid production and assembly. This has brought about decline in the effectiveness of the pumps, especially in arduous environments such as racing and fast roadwork. Oil pressure in some cases has all but disappeared. Of course long term results are disastrous, not to mention expensive. Basically, the pumps are effectively worn out when new.

The Precision range of oil pumps from Mini Spares are all hand selected, component matched to exacting tolerances, then hand assembled. This ensures minimum end float and rotor clearance, maximising pump efficiency. The rotor type is a 4 into 5 configuration as per the standard steel backed pump.   This supplies more than enough oil for the Mini engine some 40% of which is dumped straight back into the sump via the pressure relief valve. A greater oil supply would only create a loss in power. Port design ensures minimal drain off when engine is not running to give instant oil pressure on restart and minimise pulsing at lower engine speeds.

All the pumps have multi hole fixings, so any pump can be fitted to any block. However a spacer would still be needed to fit a 1300cc type pump to a small bore block. No drilling and tapping of the block is needed. This is also useful when wanting to fit a star drive or spade drive pump to an ‘S’ block. Make sure that the pump retaining bolts do not bottom out before clamping the pump to the block. Any air leaks caused by using bolts that are too long will cause oil pressure loss, drain down and oil supply problems.

Despite thorough cleaning prior to assembly at the factory, it is essential to strip the pump down and reclean to ensure no contamination has occurred in transport. When dismantling, make note which way up the small chevron indents on the impellor are and ring and then reassemble them in the same way.

Once reassembled prime the pump, preferably with engine building lubricant as this is less likely to drain down before start up is effected. If not properly primed, oil pressure may not be obtained from sureflow pumps, whereas on the old original type it was not quite so critical.

Assemble the oil pump to the engine at the last minute after all timing gears are fitted and before fitting flywheel housing. Once the engine is fitted to the car, with spark plugs removed, spin engine over on starter motor in short bursts to pick up oil pressure before starting the engine.

Failure to comply with this would result in severe damage to the pump and engine bearings.