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Classic Mini Intake Manifold For Twin Hs4 Or Hs6

Classic Mini Intake Manifold For Twin Hs4 Or Hs6

Classic Mini Intake Manifold For Twin Hs4 Or Hs6
Part No: C-AEG489
SALE Price $180.86
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini

Intake Manifold for twin SUs (HS4 or HS6).


  1. Carefully produced to minimize cross-port-flow interference caused by the balance, tube.
  2. Generous radii in all the right places!
  3. Further blending can be done if required, but leave a ground finish to promote fuel atomization. (Do NOT polish!)
What diameter are the ports on the carb side of this manifold?
The ports are 1.5"  for HS4 carbs.

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

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