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1 7/8 Inch Bore Twin Box System For Fitting With Lcb & No Cat

1 7/8 Inch Bore Twin Box System For Fitting With Lcb & No Cat

1 7/8 Inch Bore Twin Box System For Fitting With Lcb & No Cat
Part No: C-ARA337
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Maniflow twin box exhaust system for Mini or Mini Cooper S
Thank you in advance for your help, your site rocks. I have a 1995 JDM 1.3L fuel injected mini cooper imported to USA. The car has only 75Kms on it, but unfortunately the muffler fell off. I've read great things about the Maniflow products, but also was looking at your Stage One Kit. (with the kit I think I'm clear on how to proceed) I'm a bit of a newbie to wrenching but I'm acquiring the necessary tools, and purchased the Hanes manual from you. If I wanted to go with Maniflow, remove the Catalytic Converter and keep everything else stock (manifold,etc) could you help me identify which parts I should purchase? My hypothesis is C-ARA331 but I wasn't clear if that deletes the Cat by default. And perhaps a dumb question, but does anything else (sensor, etc.) need to be removed/adjusted when deleting the Cat? THANK YOU!

Hi ,

I'm assuming that being  a JDM import the car is smog exempt? If so you can make changes but adding a free flow exhaust without changing the manifold really won't add performance as intended. I would recommend the injection manifold as well: https://www.minimania.com/part/C-AEG363/Standard-Bore-Millenium-Lcb-Exhaust-Manifold-For-Injection-Cars

This manifold is currently out of stock at our vendor but I'll try and see if I can get a date when it's back in stock if you'd like?

Hope this helps, Mini Mania

Can you confirm what parts I would need to install the maniflow exhaust I asked about? Is there another manifold I could use that is in stock?
I’d like to use stock mounting points and I guess I can replace the manifold just have to read that section of the book. 


Hi ,

The Haynes manual won't cover anything that's not stock. A different exhaust and manifold won't be covered. You'd be on your own if installing those items. Also, I just checked with our supplier in the UK and the manufacturer of the C-AEG363 injection manifold is no longer making them so they're trying to find another manufacturer to take over. But we do offer a similar set-up here:  https://www.minimania.com/part/C-AEG369/Classic-Austin-Mini-lcb-Header-Exhaust-Manifold--Catlink-Pipe--O2-Sensor

Again, we'd have to order it but it's in stock at our vendor in the UK. That manifold would work with this Maniflow system that retains the cat: https://www.minimania.com/part/C-ARA336/Twin-Box-Maniflow-System-Use-With-Catalyst-175-Inch-Mini-Cooper

It can be hung with the factory mounting points, too.

Or, a cheaper option would be the standard RC40 system: https://www.minimania.com/part/RC40/Classic-Mini-Cooper-Exhaust-System-Two-Box-Excluding-The-Front-Pipe

But, we do sell just the mufflers if that's all you needed to replace. Some have to be cut to fit but any shop should be able to do that no problem. You just need to get one that is side or rear or center exit to match your car.

Mini Mania

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