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Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Kit Complete W/special Sending Unit

Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Kit Complete W/special Sending Unit

Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Kit Complete W/special Sending Unit
Part No: C-ARA4401
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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A must for any tuned road car. A full electric fan kit, Mini Spares helped to design with precision made brackets to mount directly to the Mini radiator to suck air in order to maximize efficiency and cooling. It therefore does not block cold airflow to the radiator. This kit comes complete with a professional variable adjustable fan temperature switch (70-120c) and its sender unit fits neatly into the top hose and has proved 100% successful under motorsport conditions, includes all neccessary brackets and hose clips required. This kit can improve fuel economy and warming up time and much more practical than fitting an oil cooler for road use.

This kit which we helped design is the ultimate and best fitting kit on the market ---Early kits did not fit 4 core radiators, so please inform us when purchasing this radiator as the fitting brackets need to be 5MM longer .
Hi, For very long time ago 8probably 2014) was guided by few at the forum - and they advised me to use the electric fan https://www.minimania.com/part/C-ARA4401/Classic-Austin-Mini-Electric-Fan-Kit-Complete-W-special-Sending-Unit What I wonder about is Can you please see this video where Mike and ED changed theirs in a moke. And I wonder if I shall need more new hoses when I am fitting your electric one and please help with link or parts number of the hoses I might need- Or if you could also send me all hoses kit so I also could change all hoses together with that hose Mike and Ed said one have to get for the electric fan kit fitting. Hope you can help soon so I can order those plus the electric fan. Hope to hear from you soon. If not I will just order that electric fan kit https://www.minimania.com/part/C-ARA4401/Classic-Austin-Mini-Electric-Fan-Kit-Complete-W-special-Sending-Unit you stated that its $439.95 for the mini electric fan kit complete w/ special sending unit and just underneath almost the same as alternate products with this price you set as internet price: about 180+174 = 354 Are they different even though they look the its the same?
The kit and those separate parts are not the same. The kit has a spacer that's easier to fit in the top hose than the separate piece. We don't have a hose kit especially for the kit fitting. 

Mini Mania Technical Support
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