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Classic Mini differential pinion pin competition

Classic Mini differential pinion pin competition

Classic Mini differential pinion pin competition
Part No: C-BTA166
SALE Price $29.00
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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Competition quality replacement differential pin. Recommended for all differential rebuilds. If you are one of the many of us that would rather not have the car dart from side to side as you hit the gas pedal- then you should not neglect the differential when rebuilding your engine or trans. As the diff wears out the tendency to have 'torque steer' is greatly increased.
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Created: January 08, 2019
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Created: November 02, 2000
If you’ve decided the FD fitted isn’t what you want, changing the FD is possible without separating the engine from the gearbox. Removing the diff case will allow you access to the diff assembly to change the crown-wheel, and access to the gear-change linkage.
Created: October 30, 2000
The standard diff unit’s componentry falls well short in the performance stakes. As an absolute minimum you should fit an up-rated diff-pin - whether this is because your racing regs don’t allow alternatives, or merely for the road - along with new planet-wheels and thrust washers.