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Piston, EVO type, 1275cc +.060 With 6.5cc Dish - single piston

Piston, EVO type, 1275cc +.060 With 6.5cc Dish - single piston

Piston, EVO type, 1275cc +.060 With 6.5cc Dish - single piston
Selected: 1275 +.060 Performance piston
Part No: C-STN100-60
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
1275,  EVO dished pistons, +.060, single piston.

Compression height 1.498" with 2mm offset bowl and 6.5cc dish.

These super high-quality lightweight pistons ensure the alloy has the best molecular consistency which enhances the strength and performance are manufactured for Mini Spares and their distributors.

These pistons are in conventional 1275 oversizes (+.020, +.040, +.060) configuration, and in dished 73.5mm "big bore" configuration for 1380s ). These cast lightweight pistons should prove to be best value around.

Piston to bore clearance should be 6mm(2.5 thou).2 compression rings 1.2mm and 3 piece oil rings 4mm.

Desperately inconsistent supplies for protracted periods of performance Mini pistons caused Mini Spares Centre to develop the 'EVO MEGA' piston range.

The aim was to produce the most robust piston possible given reasonable cost and weight limits. Applying current technological advances, lightweight alloy result in an extremely durable piston that will withstand greater cylinder pressures at higher rpm than any other currently available.

To simplify the range, material has been concentrated around various problem areas - the ring lands and crown - This ensures sufficient material in critical areas to allow machining where long stroke cranks or longer con rods are used. This design guards against premature damage from poor/low quality modern fuels with the rings re-sited to minimise detonation damage in high compression engines. The ring dimensions are compatible, and therefore interchangable, with the Omega and old Mega Mini piston range. A tapered gudgeon pin is employed to maximise stiffness against its light weight.

Running clearance piston to bore .06mm(2.5 thou).