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Mini Factory Adapter cable for connection of Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ to factory option Radio Boost (S6FCA) and (S6NDA or S6NFA).

Two versions available:

[ ] Standard Cable
[ ] Cable for Video Funcion

Iphone™ Ipod™ Adapter

Iphone™ Ipod™ Adapter

Iphone™ Ipod™ Adapter
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Mini Factory Adapter cable for connection of Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ to factory option Radio Boost (S6FCA) and (S6NDA or S6NFA).

This cable also allows for the video function.

* Does not fit iPhone 10

MINI factory iPod Y adapter for MINIs with the factory USB option.

MINI did a great thing when they added the USB input under the toggles in the 2008 and newer MINI's. First, it allows a way to play music from your Ipod through the stereo and second, it allows for charging AND it even pulls the meta data from the Ipod so you can view it on the radio interface. Having this cable will allow to use your Ipod while charging it.

Fits the following models WITH the USB option:

2008-07/2010 R56 Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback
2008-07/2010 R55 Cooper and Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009-07/2010 R57 Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Please note, meta data on the radio display has been spotty at best as some ipods will send that info while others do not, and some software updates help but we have not figured out which work 100% and which do not but at the VERY least you will be able to listen to the content on your Ipod through your radio...it's the artist name, track name, etc that is not always 100%.

We have also seen that some versions of the Iphone, and Ipad will NOT charge if they require 10 volts to charges as this only allows 5v to pass.

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