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Mini Countryman Front End Bra 2-piece R60 R61 Countryman Paceman

Mini Countryman Front End Bra 2-piece R60 R61 Countryman Paceman

Mini Countryman Front End Bra 2-piece R60 R61 Countryman Paceman

Mini Countryman Front End Bra 2-piece R60 R61 Countryman Paceman

Mini Countryman Front End Bra 2-piece R60 R61 Countryman Paceman
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Protect the front of your MINI with the custom fit Front End Bra!

Nothing protects the front of your MINI like a Front End Bra from bugs, gravel, sand and other small debris. Over time, the paint on your front end will get 'peppered' from bugs and debris accelerating the 'aged' look. Keep your MINI looking newer, longer with the bra. The thickness of the bra material will protect your front end better than the newer 'clear bra'.

Fits the following MINI Cooper S models:

2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman including ALL4
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman including ALL4

NOTE: Car Covers and Front End Bras are 'made-to-order', allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Options available:

  • With or without Front License plate opening
  • Simulated leather vinyl (standard) or 'Carbon Fiber look' vinyl material

Select Model and vailable options.

A one-piece 'Sports Bra' that only covers the leading edge of the hood is also available - call for details.

Car Covers and Front End Bras are typically 'made-to-order', delivery can take 6 weeks.

Protect the front end of your New MINI with this high quality full coverage Bra. Made of durable vinyl with simulated leather pattern (or optional carbon fiber look pattern) and lined with soft cotton. Two piece for proper fit and easy installation.

The colgan bra is a very high quality bra with a very 'snug' fit - no flapping in the wind. It is always recommended that you install the bra only when the car is clean (after wash or thoroughly 'dusted'), and remove the bra when it gets wet to allow drying off the car (trapped moisture on a hot sunny day can affect the paint finish). If you follow these precautions, the bra will protect your MINIs front end and will not damage your finish. Follow the bra's care instructions to keep the bra looking new.

Two-piece Bra accommodates the headlight washers too. All bras are Black.

When first installing the bra, allow the sun to warm and 'soften' the bra. Due to the snug nature of the fit, the bra requires some 'tugging' to fit. Once installed, it's a very clean fit!


  • Install bras on CLEAN vehicles
    • Any dirt or dust on the surface between the bra and body surface will act as an abrasive and create micro-scratches over time.
    • It would be good practice to install after washing your car, or at minimum - use a 'california duster' type product to remove dust.
  • Bras should be removed from vehicles for drying when wet
    • Avoid letting a wet bra dry on your MINI in direct sun - the trapped moisture can affect the finish over time.
  • Clean and add treatment to your bra as you would any vinyl surface on the car.

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