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Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Connecting Rod Set Carillo Pro-h R55 R56 R57
CARRILLO - a name synonymous with Performance and Quality!

Tapered H-Beam Performance Rods for Stock Pistons or aftermarket Pistons that replicate Stock Pistons.

If you are looking for connecting rods that can take whatever you can throw at them, look no further. Carrillo connecting rods are forged and use only the strongest materials to ensure they will hold massive amounts of power. They are run through a thorough inspection process once finished to ensure each rod is made to the highest quality standard. These rods are for enthusiasts that require the absolute best and will not compromise on quality.

  • Use "Tapered" for Stock Pistons, or aftermarket pistons designed to replicate stock pistons.
  • Use "Straight" for Application Specific Aftermarket Performance Pistons. Due to the significant reinforcements (beefier top end) built into these rods, Straight Rods are not compatible with Factory Stock Pistons. We recommend you use the CP Carrillo Pistons with these rods.

The Pro H-beam rod has become the industy standard design for high-performance applications. Considering the best overall performance of the part, combined with the least amount of weight, the H-beam is Carrillo's strongest, most durable design available. Carrillo H-beam rods are recommended for race applications where no compromise in performance is possible. Pro-H rods for the Mini Cooper S available with 3/8th inch cap bolts in Carrillo specific design which can be retorqued as many times as you want and will not need to be replaced.

Fits the following Cooper S models with the N14 engine:

2007-2010 R56 Cooper S Hatchback
2008-2010 R55 Cooepr S Clubman
2009-2010 R57 Cooepr S Convertible

Set of 4 rods.


  • Set balanced to + or - 1 gram
  • H Beam Style
  • Straight Blade
  • CARR Multi-phase Fasteners
  • Laser Edged
  • 100% Magnaflux inspected
  • Fully Machined
  • Made in the USA


  • Type: PRO-H Beam design, Straight Blade, 4330 steel from a forging blank
  • Bolt Size: 5/16" CARR Multiphase Bolts good for virtually indefinite torquing / assemblies
  • C-C Length: 5.454"
  • BE Bore: 1.8898"
  • BE Thickness: 0.822"
  • PE Bore: 0.7884" (20mm full floating pin)
  • PE Thickness: 0.822"

** Weights and Dimensions are for reference only. Actual weight may vary. All sets weight matched to +/- 1 gram per end.

Carrillo uses proprietary chrome, nickel, moly, vanadium alloy which meets all VAR (vacuum arc re-melt ASTM standards). The heat is validated, both by the supplier and an independent metallurgist whom confirm the desired physical and chemical properties of steel.

All heat treat processes are via a mar-aged operation, resulting in UTS of 195,000 with a yield of 182,000 while maintaining the critical elements of low notch-sensitivity and ductility.

All Carrillo connecting rods are manufactured from an oversized forging resulting in the proper grainflow as well as the surface removal of any potential inclusions or surface conversions generated by the forging process. All critical CNC machines at Carrillo are equipped with probing to accurately validate dimensional integrity. In the production process each part is magnafluxed at least twice, further each piece is Rockwell tested to validate the heat treat procedure. A final shotpeen operation completes the part.

Carrillo employs fasteners jointly designed by Carrillo. For these rods, we employ Multiphase TM (285,000 UTS) material. All our fasteners employ a patented thread design as well as the highest dimensional integrity in the industry. Each lot is sample tested destructively for both ultimate tensile strength as well as fatigue.

The CARRILLO connecting rod is a precision, high strength, quality connecting rod, which when properly installed and maintained, will perform flawlessly in your MINI!