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Seat Armour Seat Cover Checkered Union Jack Seat Towel

Seat Armour Seat Cover Checkered Union Jack Seat Towel

Seat Armour Seat Cover Checkered Union Jack Seat Towel

Seat Armour Seat Cover Checkered Union Jack Seat Towel

Seat Armour Seat Cover Checkered Union Jack Seat Towel
Selected: Checkered UJ
Part No: G2NMI4002
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
The Seat Armour protects and adds comfort to your factory front seats while adding color to your MINIs interior! This is the PERFECT product for Convertibles, Hardtops in hot climate, or any MINIs without seat heaters in cold climates. The Seat Armour provides all-around protection for the front seats and is easy to clean. Sold each.

Checkered Union Jack Stripe.

Sold individually.

See G2NMI4000-P for other patterns.

The Seat Armour Seat Cover is unlike anything that exists in the market today. It is an automotive accessory designed to protect your car upolstery from damaging elements as well as a functional tool in assisting with people's busy lifestyle. The 100% cotton terry/velour seat cover will fit over any car headrest and form fit over the seat, protecting the upholstery from stains, odor, and perspiration.

The simple design offers a high level of protection without the safety issues associated with common automotive upholstery protectors. The automotive industry has seen fit to produce cars with airbag deployment points in and around the car seat. This has developed into a heated debate over the standard car seat cover / seat towel and its impact on overall occupant safety. People are weighing their options and choosing safety over upholstery protection. This problem can easily be remedied, as the Seat Armour Seat Cover has no cumbersome pullovers or straps and will not effect airbag deployment. It slips over the headrest and grips tight at the base. When there is a need for airbag deployment, the seat cover will flex and move away, never constricting deployment.

Fits all current MINI models.

Installation is simple - best if you remove the headrest:
(You may be able to simply slip it over the headrest without removing it.)
1. Release the seatback so it leans forward.
2. Fully extend the headreast by pressing the release on the left side post.
3. Remove the headrest by pressing the release on the right side post.
4. Position the Seat Armour so the opening sits over the headrest post slots.
5. Install the headrest, press the left side release to fully seat the headrest.
6. Return the seatback to the normal driving position and lay out the Seat Armour to fully cover the seat.

Now go drive and enjoy the Seat Armour!

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