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MINI Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57 F60 thru 2019

MINI Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57 F60 thru 2019

MINI Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57 F60 thru 2019

Lower the Intake Air Temperature with these high performance intercoolers with cores that provides larger frontal area and more volume compared to the stock intercooler. 

Fits the following models:

2014-2019 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2019 F55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2019 F57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
2016-2019 F54 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2017-2019 F60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Countryman

Not compatible with post-Lci 2020+ models (with engine codes engine codes B48.C / B48.A / B38.C / B38.B).

The Wagner Tuning engineers have increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, as well as improved the end tank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks, resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties. Constructed of the highest quality Tube and Fin intercooler cores with inside turbulators combined with cast aluminum end tanks optimized by CFD for best possible internal airflow. A lot less pressure drop then stock intercooler. Maximum cooling performance with clearly more power. Anti corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipating character. Ready for installation (plug & play), only replacing the stock intercooler.

Intercooler Basics

Have you noticed how your Turbo engine seems more powerful and responsive in cold weather? As the inlet temperature is reduced, the air becomes 'more dense' packing a greater number of O2 molecules. This results in a more powerful combustion which means more horsepower to the wheels. Now you can have similar performance even on hot sunny days with this intercooler upgrade.

Unlike some performance engine upgrades, the Intercooler upgrade actually reduces the thermal loads on the engine because it greatly improves the efficiency of the intercooler over the stock unit. The lower inlet air temperatures helps to reduce the combustion temperatures which means less heat stress on the internal engine components. Whether you have a stock Mini or a track prepared Mini, this intercooler upgrade will lower the intake air temperature better than the stock unit.

The Intercooler upgrade becomes more critical if you have a modified Mini producing more power. The stock unit was designed to dissipate a certain amount of heat based on the power output of the stock engine. The stock intercooler becomes insufficient to dissipate the additional heat as the boost is increased, resulting in higher combustion temperatures. In this case, the intercooler upgrade becomes more critical to preserve the durability of the engine.

Performance Intercooler upgrades are designed with a careful balance between internal flow area, flow velocity and minimal pressure drop.

Technically, the Intercooler upgrade does not 'add' horsepower, but it reduces the losses which results in a net power gain at the wheels. The engine basically 'retains' the horsepower normally lost to high inlet temperatures. The difference is pronounced on warmer days where normally, the car would feel 'sluggish'. If you live in colder climates (ie Alaska) - the difference in performance may be less noticeable. But if you live in warmer climates or have hot summers, it's worth it!

I have a 2018 MINI F60 automatic and I am looking to upgrade the intercooler and add a CAI as well Will the Wagner unit fit my vehicle and are there color options on the intake tube for the CAI. I have a red Carbon Fiber engine cover and would prefer a red tube. Any input would be appreciated.

Here is the link to the Wagner intercooler for your 2018 F60 Cooper S Countryman:

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 (minimania.com)

Here is an intake kit with red tube:

Mini Cooper Cold Air Intake Nm Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F5 (minimania.com)

MINI Mania Expert Part Team
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