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MINI Cooper 15 inch 5 lug Spare Tire with Storage Bag fits GEN3 F55 F56 and F57

MINI Cooper 15 inch 5 lug Spare Tire with Storage Bag fits GEN3 F55 F56 and F57

MINI Cooper 15 inch 5 lug Spare Tire with Storage Bag fits GEN3 F55 F56 and F57

MINI Cooper 15 inch 5 lug Spare Tire with Storage Bag fits GEN3 F55 F56 and F57

MINI Cooper 15 inch 5 lug Spare Tire with Storage Bag fits GEN3 F55 F56 and F57
Selected: Hardtop & Convertible Spare with Bag
Part No: G3NMK7610
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Space-Saver Emergency Spare Tire with a heavy duty Storage / Carrying Case!

Fits the following models:

2014-2022 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2022 F55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2022 F57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Also compatible with the F56E MINI Cooper SE Electric Hardtop model.


  • Use this Space Saver Spare on the REAR of your MINI.  If you have a flat in the front, you need to install the spare on the rear and move a good tire to the front.
  • This Space Saver Tire will not clear the brakes on the JCW models.
  • Compatible with the F56 Cooper SE Electric MINI Hardtop.


If you switched from run-flat tires to standard tires, here is the spare designed for your MINI. Beware of 'similar' space-saver tires from other brands since the hub diameter is most likely the wrong size. If you are shopping at some junk yards for other brands, consider the 'age' of the tire - do you really want a 5+ years old tire as your primary backup??

This 'space saver tire' set-up uses the factory 15 x .5 ET28 spare wheel with a brand new 115/70/15 tire for guaranteed fitment.  5 x 112 Bolt Pattern. 


Heavy Duty storage and carrying bag for our NMW7610 Compact Emergency Spare Tire. No need to have a bare tire sitting in your boot! This cover is not only an aesthetic improvement, but also doubles as a carrying case.

The heavy duty zipper opens 3/4 of the bag so you can 'roll' the tire into the bag - save your back from having to lift the spare into the bag. Designed with just enough room to easily fit the tire in the bag, without having to struggle to fit it in.

Heavy duty material is water resistant, protecting your interior. A convenient exterior pocket provides storage space for tools, gloves or emergency road flares.

NOTE: From the MINI owners manual - 
Driving with the space-saver tire:

Drive cautiously. Do not exceed a speed of 50mph/80kph.

You must expect changes in vehicle handling such as lower track stability during braking, longer braking distances and changes in self-steering properties when close to the handling limit. These effects are more pronounced when driving with winter tires.

Only one space-saver tire may be mounted at one time. Reinstall a wheel and tire of the original size as soon as possible.

Check the tire inflation pressure at the earliest opportunity and correct it if necessary. Replace the defective tire as soon as possible and have the new wheel/tire assembly balanced.

Spare Tire Guide

R50 Hardtop 2002-2006 NMW7610 NMK7610
R53 Hardtop 2002-2006
R52 Convertible 2005-2008
R56 Hardtop 2007-2013
R55 Clubman 2008-2015
R57 Convertible 2009-2015
R58 Coupe 2012-2015
R59 Roadster 2012-2015
R60 Countryman 2011-2016 G2NMW7610 G2NMK7610
R61 Paceman 2013-2016
F56 Hardtop 2014-2022 G3NMW7610 G3NMK7610
F55 Hardtop 4-Dr 2015-2022
F57 Convertible 2016-2022
F54 Clubman 2016-2022 G3NMW7615 G3NMK7615
F60 Countryman 2017-2022


Currently have Bridgestone 205/45RF17, is this the correct spare tire and case?
Yes, the G3NMK7610 is the correct spare tire with bag to fit the 2017 F55 Cooper S Hardtop 4-door. 
Remember to use this spare on the rear only.

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

Will this fit a 2021? Do you sell the jack and wrench?

This tire is suitable for 2016-2021 F57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible - we sell the OEM toolkit as part number G3NMW7650

Hope that helps,


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