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Mini Cooper Rear Suspension Powerflex Bushings Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper Rear Suspension Powerflex Bushings Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper Rear Suspension Powerflex Bushings Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper Rear Suspension Powerflex Bushings Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper Rear Suspension Powerflex Bushings Gen3 F56 F55 F57
Powerflex Polyurethane Rear Suspension Bushings are designed to decrease the amount of deflection in your car's suspension for better handling, driver feedback, and tire wear. Sold in Pairs.

Powerflex Suspension Bushings offer:

  • Perfromance
  • Durability
  • Safety

Fits the following models:

2014-2021 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2021 F55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2021 F57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Also compatible with the Electric F56 Cooper SE Hardtop.

Powerflex Application Guide:

Item Street Race
#1 Front Control Arm Front Bushing pair G3NMS5100 G3NMS5100R
#1 Front Control Arm Front Bushing w Camber pair   G3NMS5101R
#2 Front Control Arm Rear Bushing pair G3NMS5102 G3NMS5102R
#3 Front Sway Bushing pair G3NMS5103 G3NMS5103R
#10 Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing pair G3NMS5104 G3NMS5104R
#11 Rear Lower Lateral Arm Outer Bushing pair   G3NMS5105R
#13 Rear Lateral Arm Inner Bushing Set of 4 G3NMS5106 G3NMS5106R
#14 Rear Sway Bar Bushing pair G3NMS5107 G3NMS5107R
#15 Rear Sway Bar Drop Link Bushing pair G3NMS5108 G3NMS5108R
Lower Engine Mount G3NME5100 G3NME5101

Bushings are sold in 'sets' that include enough bushings to install on one car. ie. The sway bar bushes come in pairs, the rear lateral arm inner bushes come in a set of 4.

Bushings are available in 'Street' or 'Race' versions. The Race version is designed for track and uses stiffer material for higher performance. Powerflex uses premium polyurethane materials for minimal NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) and increased longevity over the stock rubber bushings.

The quality of Powerflex products can be seen the moment you open the box: premium polyurethanes, detailed moldings, lube holding grooves and knurls, and 304 stainless sleeves. Each kit is supplied with a copper-based grease for extended squeak-free operation. In some applications, we have polyurethane engine/ drivetrain mount and reinforcements to reduce movement for better throttle response and more power to the wheels.

Powerflex is a truly engineered product, not just a copy of the stock part in a different material. Redesigned to address common factory failure parts, Powerflex bushings allow the articulation required to maintain control of movement for increased performance while far outlasting the stock parts they are replacing. Additionally, Powerflex Engineering Line products for some fitments include unique features like polyurethane monoballs and offset geometry to provide ultimate performance without the harshness of metallic race parts. Powerflex polyurethane engine/drivetrain mounts and reinforcements are available for some fitments to reduce movement for better throttle response and more power to the wheels.

Powerflex bushings do not come in complete chassis kits. Our bushings come à la carte to fit each customer's needs*. An automobile's bushings and mounts wear at different rates making "complete-kit" bushing sets unnecessary for most buyers. Many owners don't feel the need to replace every bushing at once, having only a particular location that needs attention. Replacing only the "weak links" in your car's suspension is a great way to tighten handling without stressing the budget.

Bushings come in pre-determined durometers (measured hardness) from Powerflex to work best in each particular location. MINI Bushings are produced in one of two durometers:

Street = Purple (80A, approximately 30% stiffer than stock)
Race = Black (95A, approximately 80% stiffer than stock)

Unlike other brands using only one urethane grade for all applications, Powerflex design engineers choose the correct hardness to allow for the specific movement or rigidity required for each location while minimizing unwanted NVH. Powerflex urethane hardness is standardized per fitment and location. This takes out the guess work, so when you choose Street, you know our design engineers have selected the optimal polyurethane hardness for your specific application. Select parts are also available in an optional stiffer urethane (Black Series) for track and autocross performance where NVH is less important.

Powerflex copper-based grease is supplied with every dynamic product. We suggest using only a copper-based grease for lubrication. Due to grooves and knurls cast into the material to hold the lubricant, bushings will rarely need re-lubing. We do not suggest using an "anti-seize" product for lubrication.

See a listing of all Mini Cooper Powerflex Products.

Click here for an informative article about Suspension Geometry and Bushing Basics.

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