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Mini Cooper Fender Trim Wheel Arch OEM Gen3 F60 Countryman

Mini Cooper Fender Trim Wheel Arch OEM Gen3 F60 Countryman

Mini Cooper Fender Trim Wheel Arch OEM Gen3 F60 Countryman

MINI factory replacement Fender Flare or Wheel Arch.  Sold each.

Fits the following models:

2017-2021 F60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Countryman


There are two types of front fender flare or wheel arch:

  • For models without the Park Assist feature (factory option S5DPA)
  • For models with the Park Assist feature (factory option S5DPA)

The Fender flare / wheel arch for the Park Assist has a small opening for the proximity sensor used by this feature.

The front flare / arch includes the amber side marker light and the rear aft flare / arch includes the red side marker lights.

There are two pieces to the rear fender flare or wheel arch for each side:

  • Forward piece
  • Aft piece

Select accordingly.

The plastic 'clips' are typically included with the new fender flare / wheel arch.

I own a 2002 Mini One ( Automatic ) I have broken off a flare on the front left hand side. Not the one that is attached to the bonnet, it’s next one along shaped like boomerang. Following shape of tyre. Can you supply with clips? Also price? If you email me I can send a picture. Thanks
Here is the link for the replacement wheel arches for the 2002 MINI:
Mini Cooper Fender Trim Wheel Arch Oem Gen1 R50 R53 (minimania.com)
The ones behind the front wheel are the 'kick panel' arch pieces.

Happy Motoring
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Application Guide for the MINI Cooper and Cooper S Fender Flare or Wheel Arch Trim on the 3rd generation F-series models.